Changes recommended to Morgan County subdivision rules

January 28, 2008|By TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - Revisions to Morgan County's subdivision ordinance were recommended Friday to the Morgan County Commission, and a copy of the draft ordinance was given to the commissioners for their review.

Jack Soronen, president of the Morgan County Planning Commission, presented the revisions, which include a provision that larger developers submit all parts of a multiphase development plan, not just the first phase.

Soronen said by requiring an overall plan from the developer, it will let the public know what the impact of a planned development would be and it could be addressed early in the process.

The revisions also include a section on a new type of land development called cluster design, as well as some basic corrections to the revisions.


Soronen said the planning commission adopted the revisions at its last meeting and recommended the county commission proceed with a legal review of the suggestions before moving further.

Commission President Glen R. Stotler asked Soronen to provide a synopsis of "what we need done" for the review.

Stotler said the revised ordinance should be submitted to local attorneys in Berkeley Springs, and bids will be accepted.

"We need (an attorney) who specializes in this area and not the prosecuting attorney," he said.

Stotler said the legal review would involve a flat fee from the attorney rather than an hourly rate charge, and the designated time allotted for the review will be determined.

The commission will review the draft subdivision ordinance, and a public hearing will be scheduled after the legal review is completed, Stotler said.

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