How charter home rule would have affected this year's legislative requests

January 26, 2008

How would the county's package of legislative requests have looked different this year under charter home rule?

Of the nine legislative items that the Washington County Commissioners sent to the Maryland General Assembly for approval this year, all but one could have been handled locally by a county council under charter home rule.

Only revisions to the building excise tax still would have needed to go to the state for approval.

The following 2008 legislative requests could have been passed by a county council without state approval:

  • Update local laws to eliminate obsolete language referring to a county "road engineer."

  • Create an ordinance prohibiting the parking of commercial trucks on public roadways.

  • Raise the public bid threshold from $25,000 to $50,000.

  • Create a procedure for procuring services that is separate from procuring goods.

  • Remove repetitive language from two documents regulating the licensing of electricians in Washington County.

  • Create an ordinance governing the permitting of some special events and assemblies.

  • Update duties of county clerk in code of public local laws.

  • Revise language in code of public local laws enabling the adoption of a sidewalk ordinance.

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