Kelly's Cuts and more

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call

January 24, 2008

This week, Kelly's Cuts will be primarily devoted to everyone's favorite topic: Light bulbs.

"I only have one thing to say when I read the paper. People think they got taken with those bulbs, or the company's kind of went after them. But wait until the end of the year and see what happens when this new rate comes into effect. It's gonna be anywheres between 60 and 70 percent of what you're paying today. Then you'll have something to really complain about." - Halfway

Yes, we always complain about paying less.

"What do we know about the light bulbs? They require less energy and they last longer. So my suggestion to the readers is screw them in and start receiving your payback, and eventually a net cost savings. This action is guaranteed to lower your blood pressure, prevent ulcers and improve your disposition." - Williamsport

OK, but I'm still waiting for light bulbs that help me lose weight, clear up my complexion and win the lottery.


"Finally, unless you are inhaling broken particles, or mixing them with your morning coffee, the bulbs are not life-threatening." - Hagerstown

Sure, take all the fun out of it.

"The topic now about the light bulbs that Allegheny Power sent out containing mercury: All fluorescent bulbs have had mercury in them, and always have." - Hagerstown

Yes, but we didn't know it then, so it didn't matter.

"It even states right on the box 'Do not use around this, that and every other thing.'"

That sort of limits its use, doesn't it?

"Now the complaints about the light bulb, for most people in this county, they cannot see the forest for the trees."

Maybe we need brighter lights in the forest. Does anyone have a light bulb they don't want?

A "high five" to these callers:

"It is indeed a sad state of affairs when the majority of the Sunday A section is devoted to the controversy of receiving two light bulbs in the mail. How narrow-minded are we as a community when $12 out of our pockets can cause such a groundswell of public outrage? Certainly greater than we hear on domestic violence, hunger and even murder of a law enforcement officer. It's time for folks to get a reality check." - Smithsburg

And now, on to different topics:

"Now that the weather's very cold, I want everyone to look out for your pets. Make sure they are in a warm and healthy environment, with love, food and water. After all, they look for us to take care of them. And if you see any animals that are in need of help, please be kind to them and make sure you take them to a safe place, or call the humane society." - Hagerstown

"The article states only one-third of teen mothers receive high school diplomas. How many teen fathers receive high school diplomas?

With DNA testing today, every teen father and his family should be made responsible for raising that illegitimate child and getting the mother her diploma.

I am tired of my tax money going to support this problem, when the families of these teens should be made responsible to raise these children, or give them up for adoption.

Let's hear more about this problem from the readers, and let us have the Department of Social Services let us know all the rules they work by." - Maugansville

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