Maugansville volunteer to miss school

Cindy Moir plans to continue work at Western Heights

Cindy Moir plans to continue work at Western Heights

January 21, 2008|By JANET HEIM

MAUGANSVILLE ? It's Cindy Moir's last year at Maugansville Elementary School, and she has mixed feelings.

As an active parent volunteer, Moir said she will make the move to middle school when her youngest son, Kyle, goes to Western Heights in the fall.

"There are a lot of rewards to it. You benefit from it, too. I like having a relationship with my son's teachers," Moir said.

Moir has volunteered at the school ? which she said is an easy place to volunteer in ? since Kyle was in kindergarten. This school year, she is a PTA member, chairs the Hospitality Committee, is on the Student Programs Committee and is helping with fifth-grade promotion.


Over the years, she has helped with class parties, field trips and one-on-one tutoring with students in reading and spelling. And she's done her share of copying, collating and laminating.

"She just does so very much for us," Principal Deborah Favinger said.

Progress and hugs part of reward

Moir said her reward is watching the progress of the students, especially those with whom she works, and getting hugs from the younger kids. Not to mention helping the teachers.

"The teachers appreciate anything you do for them," Moir said.

The 1979 Williamsport High School graduate lives in Maugansville with her husband, Graydon Moir, and their sons, Keith, a senior at North Hagerstown High School, and Kyle. The couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in June.

Cindy Moir, whose maiden name is McFadden, said she and her husband agreed she would stay home while raising the children. That has enabled her to be an active volunteer at school.

"We focused our life around that, for me to be home with my kids," Moir said.

Moir has also volunteered at North High

She has learned that it's as important to be home after school for her high-schooler as it is for her younger son. Moir said she has done some small things to volunteer at North High, but that volunteer needs seem to be different once you get to the middle and high school level.

Next year, she will volunteer at Western Heights, and she said a group of parents from Maugansville Elementary has already met with the middle school principal to talk about helping at the school.

"We want to help make it a positive place," Moir said.

In her spare time, Moir bakes cakes, wedding cakes and makes decorative cookies as a side job. She hopes one day to start a small business.

In the meantime, Moir is satisfied with her volunteer work.

"It's probably the best job you can go to because you do it for other people. There aren't many workplaces where everyone's happy to see you," Moir said.

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