New Waynesboro fire chief sees 'smooth transition'

January 17, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Dave Martin said he's looking to make a "smooth transition" as he becomes Waynesboro's newest fire chief.

Martin submitted himself as one of 10 applicants for the post and "looked at is as a challenge."

Soon, part of the challenge for the Wayne Heights, Pa., resident will be further uniting a department that has two companies, a relief association, volunteers and borough oversight.

"It's kind of hard to get them going in the same direction," Martin said.

The companies, Always There Hook & Ladder (ATH&L) and Mechanics Steam Engine & Hose Co., have already voted to pursue consolidation, which is in a fact-finding phase.

"It's just now getting started," Martin said.

Martin, 55, was active in fire service when he moved to the Waynesboro area in 1991 and became a local volunteer. He will continue to serve as the fire chief in Fountaindale, Pa.


"It got in my blood, and it's a passion now," Martin said.

He has gotten his wife and children involved with both the Fountaindale and Waynesboro departments.

The difference between the two departments now under Martin's command is primarily size, he said, since the Waynesboro one runs three times as many calls and has six line officers reporting to him. Fountaindale, in Adams County, Pa., is all volunteer.

"Whatever I need to do, I'll be here," Martin said.

Late last year, former chief Ron Flegel announced his retirement after 40 years as a driver.

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