Avenue in Waynesboro could become one way

January 17, 2008|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Northeast Avenue could be a one-way street within two or three months if the Waynesboro Borough Council considers the proposal on a timeline proposed by one of its members.

Ronnie Martin, who now serves on the borough's street committee, asked for public input on the idea before a planned end-of-February decision by council.

The councilman said he wants to eliminate turns onto East Main Street from Northeast Avenue, instead sending southbound traffic onto Roadside Avenue and through its traffic light.

Martin proposed a four-way stop at the intersection of Sunnyside Avenue and Prospect Avenue for people who live in nearby homes. Those people could still effectively use the intersection of Sunnyside Avenue and East Main Street, he said.


"The sight visibility is far better there" than at Northeast Avenue, Martin said.

The necessity to change the traffic flow is greater considering the new houses under construction and planned on Stottlemyer Road to the north, Martin said.

"What we're concerned about are the 450 houses out (there) to be built," he said.

Martin also talked about a pending Waynesboro Hospital request to vacate portions of North Enterprise Avenue and Prospect Avenue.

The borough engineer "gave us a cost of what we've recently done with those streets. If we abandon those streets, (perhaps) they'll consider a donation or some sort of reimbursement," Martin said. The estimate for the work was $180,000, he said.

That amount is equivalent to the estimate for widening Welty Road and creating shoulders for it.

"We may be able to get a short-term loan from (the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Bank) to do all of (Welty Road) this year," Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said. That loan could be paid back with revenue from the liquid fuels tax, he said.

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