Blast from the Past

January 16, 2008

Week of Jan. 13, 1958

· It cost $254 to educate the average pupil in Washington County's schools during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1956, the latest report of the Maryland Department of Education reveals.

Not quite half of the money for current expenses in the Washington County school system came from the county. Most of the remainder came from the state, and about 5 percent of the total was derived from federal funds.

Washington County was under the state average in the amount of money spent for current expenses per pupil. It has been an entire decade since Washington County was above the state average in current expenses per pupil.

· Yesterday's heavy rains reminded some local folks of the itinerant roofers who recently did work on their homes. The reminders came in the form of dripping water - water coming through the new roof work.


The Hagerstown Chamber of Commerce issued another of its many warnings to local residents about itinerant contractors who so often "hook" people in both money and in quality of work. The roofers contact owners whose homes look like they could use a new roof. A ridiculously low price for a new roof it quoted. When the work is completed, a price double or triple the estimate is then asked. Some such work is not properly done, and the next heavy rain brings a headache.

On top of this, the "company" leaves no address - just a telephone number, without the name of the city where the telephone exchange is supposed to be located.

Week of Jan. 13, 1983

· Three employees of the General Tire Co., Akron, Ohio, escaped injury when the big two-engine B23 plane they were flying skidded on an icy landing strip at the Hagerstown Airport and was totally demolished. The three men climbed from the wreckage without a scratch.

The pilot said the big ship went into a skid he couldn't control, and that it skidded a half mile or more before hitting a depression alongside the runway. This caused the landing gear to collapse, and the plane to more or less fall apart.

The plane's passenger said he was being flown here to confer with Fairchild sales executives about the purchase of an F27, the new executive-type plane being manufactured by the local corporation.

The wrecked plane was manufactured by Douglas Aircraft and was a converted World War II bomber type. Many planes of this kind have been converted and are being used today as executive-type ships, it is said.

· A few independent truckers gearing up for a nationwide protest strike are plastering their message across the roadways of Washington County.

The first sign went up last night at Interstates 81 and 70, urging all truckers to stop rolling on Jan. 31.

The Independent Truckers Association has called a nationwide strike to protest the 5-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax increase proposed by President Reagan. The money would be used to repair crumbling bridges and roadways.

A Hagerstown trucker predicts that if truckers don't go along with the strike, the ensuing violence is going to be worse than the strikes called in 1974 and 1977.

- Compiled by Kelly Moreno

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