One-ways get the OK at Funkstown council meeting

January 15, 2008|By MARLO BARNHART

FUNKSTOWN - After more than three months of sometimes heated dialogue, door-to-door canvassing and well-attended town council meetings, a vote was taken Monday night on whether to keep Poplar and Chestnut streets one-way at Edgewood Drive.

The vote was unanimous to keep the one-way status in place in the one block of each street.

"This has dragged out long enough," said Vice Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. "It's a safer environment for the town and that is the ultimate question."

Immediately after that vote was taken, Crampton introduced a new motion to explore placing permanent barricades at the ends of the two streets so the residents of those blocks will be able to legally go both ways where they reside.

More than 30 residents crowded into the meeting room Monday night. Most were in favor of the one-way streets remaining.

Crampton and Councilman John Phillips III reported their 2 1/2-hour door-to-door canvass of residents Saturday showed overwhelming approval of the new traffic pattern, citing a decrease in overall traffic, motorcycles and street racing.


"Four of the 47 people we canvassed were against it," Phillips said, noting that about a half-dozen people didn't answer their doors.

The one-way plan was one of several proposed after a State Highway Administration traffic survey. It was put into effect in September for a four-month test.

A number of women with small children were at Monday night's meeting with concerns about speed and volume of traffic on Poplar and Chestnut streets.

But Poplar Street residents Mark Renner and Ernest Thivierge summed up many residents' feelings that the traffic pattern is as good as it is going to get.

Crampton said he would see about increased and more unscheduled patrols by the Washington County Sheriff's Department to cite any one-way traffic offenders.

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