Some town hall, police phone numbers not listed in Verizon book

January 14, 2008|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

BOONSBORO - Boonsboro's town hall and police department were omitted from Verizon phone books that were distributed last month in Washington County.

Town Manager Debra Smith says she was told by Verizon officials that the numbers would not be included because the town's phone service provider is AT&T.

However, a Verizon spokeswoman said Thursday that it is up to AT&T to provide Verizon with the phone numbers for publication.

Smith said the Verizon phone book is the only one distributed in town, meaning that residents won't have access to those phone numbers. This was the second consecutive year that Boonsboro's town hall was not listed in the Verizon phone book, Smith said.


About three years ago, the town of Boonsboro switched from Verizon to AT&T because of cheaper rates.

"At no time when we notified Verizon did they say we wouldn't be listed (in the phone book)," Smith said.

Boonsboro's police department was listed in the phone book last year, but it was the department's fax number that was listed, not its phone number.

Sandy Arnette, a Verizon spokeswoman, said listings for non-Verizon customers are included in Verizon's phone books as long as the phone service providers for those customers provide Verizon with the customer listing information. She suggested that Boonsboro officials call AT&T to ask that the numbers be released to Verizon.

Smith said that is not what Boonsboro officials were told when they called Verizon to ask why the numbers were not included.

They were told that only Verizon customers are included in the book, Smith said.

"I think everyone has a right to those numbers," she said, referring to the numbers on the blue government pages.

Other government offices with listed phone numbers, like the City of Hagerstown, the State of Maryland, the town of Williamsport and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are Verizon customers, according to officials.

Sharpsburg is the only other town with a government office in Washington County whose phone number was not listed in the most recent phone book.

Mayor Hal Spielman said the town is a Verizon customer and did not know that phone number was not listed in the phone book. Spielman said that might be because they never received a phone book.

"We have a Verizon phone account but don't have a Verizon phone book," he said.

Smith said magnets with contact information for the town office and the police department will be distributed to residents.

"Those are necessary numbers and I think everyone should have that information, whether they're a Verizon customer or not," she said.

Phone numbers not found in Verizon telephone book:

· Boonsboro Town Hall: 301-432-5141

· Boonsboro Police Department: 301-432-6838

· Sharpsburg town offices: 301-432-4428

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