Kelly's cuts and more

January 11, 2008|By KELLY MORENO

"I've asked 50,000 people, and nobody asked for any." - Hagerstown

I've asked these callers a million times to stop exaggerating.

"I stopped off at Sheetz and got a pack of cigarettes today. They're up to $4.87, and the other day they was $3.57. That's up $1.20."

Maybe he should have bought a calculator.

"Reading Kelly's Cuts and More, I hope she doesn't stay up at night trying to figure out these worthless comments. Maybe she thinks she's a standup comedian, but if she does, she ought to sit down and think with that part of her brain, because they're really not very funny." - Hagerstown

Well, excuuuse me! Thank you, I'll be here all week ... don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses, folks.

"I used to give to this and that, until I saw my 'well-off' neighbor go to a soup kitchen in his nice car, and welfare people smoking, drinking, reproducing." - Hagerstown


Not a picture any of us wants to see.

"As one Mail Caller said, 'There's a house on Salem Avenue that has the outhouse wrapped as a Christmas gift.' I had to infer from that statement that outhouses are now a regular feature of homes, at least those in the West End, just like indoor plumbing used to be. I personally thought this was wonderful, until I started looking around for a Sears catalog. What do they expect us to do? There's, like, only 40 pages now. And they're glossy. Something to think about before you start digging." - Greencastle, Pa.

Hey, we can always use the many unwanted telephone books people complain about.

"High five" to these callers:

"My family has lived in Boonsboro since the '50s, and I will be buried in Boonsboro. I've been a recycler for years. I really do not want to get into a hissing contest with the caller who thinks recycling in Boonsboro is some kind of nefarious plot concocted by the invaders ... er ... 'interlopers' to take over our lives, but she needs to get a grip. What harm does she think will befall us if we dispose of our household waste in a responsible manner? She also wonders 'Why do people move to a place because they like it, then proceed to make it just like the place from which they came?'. Maybe because someone has figured out a better way to take care of God's Green Earth." - Boonsboro

"Several weeks ago a gentleman submitted a letter to the editor deploring the behavior of not children but their parents at a school concert. I can sympathize with him ... Despite valiant attempts by the school principals to explain the solemnity of the commencement ceremonies, attending parents, siblings and friends exhibited outrageously raucous behaviors that were obviously embarrassing to the graduate students. Many of these unruly adults actually mocked and shouted down the efforts of school officials to maintain some decorum. It was an example of at least asocial behavior, and more probably, anti-social behavior. We who are older are well-acquainted with the decline of civility in our culture, but it is troubling to witness these egregious examples in an educational setting."

"This is just a reminder to anyone putting in ads in the paper for free kittens or free puppies. Please check the people out very well. More than likely, if you give an animal away, if it needs medical attention, it's not gonna get it, and more than likely it won't be fixed, either. It won't be spayed or neutered. So please be responsible. Spay and neuter your pets, and if you need to place ads in the paper giving them away, please check the people out very well, as you don't want these animals to end up in abusive situations." - Hagerstown.

Kelly Moreno is a Herald-Mail editorial assistant.

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