Chambersburg council OKs plan to bank sick leave for injured officer

January 08, 2008|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The Chambersburg Borough Council Monday approved what one member called a "Band-Aid solution" to help an injured police officer and appointed a committee to develop a policy for a sick leave bank to help all employees.

The council voted unanimously to allow police officers to donate sick leave to the officer, who was injured in an off-duty accident. This "nonprecedent-setting" policy only applies to the particular case of the recovering officer.

Borough solicitor Thomas Finucane said current department policy allows officers to donate vacation time and compensation time to help out fellow officers with injuries or illnesses. The sick leave of the officer in question will run out Jan. 18, although he will have some vacation and personal days remaining after that, Detective Sgt. Dianne Kelso said.

The council voted unanimously to form a committee to develop a sick leave bank policy for all borough employees.

The committee will have its first meeting on Jan. 14.


"We've been faced with this a few times ... but I think this is feasible," said Councilwoman Elaine Swartz. Criteria would have to be developed to ensure the policy is not abused, she said.

Before setting up the temporary policy for the injured officer, some council members said creating a policy for everyone would take too long to help the officer.

"He needs help now," Councilwoman Sharon Bigler said.

"This will take months or a year to put together," said Councilman Heath Talhelm.

Solicitor Thomas Finucane suggested the short-term solution of a sick leave bank specifically for the officer.

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