Mail Call

January 08, 2008

"I would like to express my opinion. This is not saying anything bad about policemen, correctional officers, security people, etc. And I'm sure I'm making a statement that many others have thought. Why is it that no one, and I mean no one, has anything good to say about one of the above until one is killed - whether in a shoot-out or a car accident. ... Just maybe everyone should say something nice to all people before they are shot down, run over or killed in any way. Making these comments now mean nothing to the deceased. Try telling your local police officer, correctional officer, mother, father, sister, brother, friends, etc. something nice today. They may not be here tomorrow. May God bless them all." - Washington County

"It is truly amazing that with the price of gas that people are speeding down the road. Yesterday, I had 42 cars pass me (I was doing 65, the speed limit) from the Route 615 exit in Hancock to the I-81 N exit. The most before this was 39. I either leave late or early so I don't get run over just doing the speed limit. I slowed down and it does save gas. You speeders should try it for just one week. Help save on the gas."


"Boonsboro caller, you've got it all wrong. Those relative newcomers to the area already have their piece of former farmland with a house on it. Now they have also succeeded in taking away the right of the fifth-generation farmer to sell a bit of land to anyone else to pay for medical bills, or to help finance his retirement, since he's now in his 80s and unable to work the land anymore. So their recycling activity is no real concern to anyone."

"I am glad that Imus is back on the air in the Hagerstown area. He is sometimes annoying and obnoxious, but he is also compassionate and informative. His guests are from a broad spectrum of religious, political, philosophical and cultural backgrounds. He isn't afraid to ask the tough questions of friend and foe alike. God sacrificed his only Son to give mankind a second chance - not that we did anything to deserve it. As Christians, will we give a repentant Imus a second chance?" - Williamsport

"The problem with people is not what they don't know, but that they know so much that simply isn't so."

"This is to Pastor Raymond Young, who wrote today that Imus being on WARK is a kick in the teeth. What (Imus) said was wrong, but my goodness, he's apologized for it about eight zillion times. Doesn't your church forgive? Why aren't you mad at Bill O'Reilly when he said he was surprised that black people acted civilly in Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem a few months ago? Why not bash Rush Limbaugh for the racist comments he's made toward Barack Obama in the past year? These people were never punished and remain on the air today. Where's your outrage about that?" - Hagerstown

"To the caller who says that Congress has investigated the big oil companies and found no wrongdoing: I wonder how many congressmen are in the hip pockets of the big oil companies. Doesn't it seem a little strange that most of the local gas stations change their prices the same amount on the same day?" - Clear Spring

"Regarding the two 'free' light bulbs from Allegheny Power; pack them up and send them back or write 'Return to sender' and take them to the post office. This is outrageous. The bulbs are also unsafe (mercury). How much more is the consumer to take, and how stupid does the utility companies think we are? For the money charged for these two bulbs, one can go to Sam's Club and buy a pack of six if we wanted them. We are being cut off at the knees in every area." - Sharpsburg

"My complaint is with (Maryland) Public Service Commission. The bulb program is undoubtedly a good one, but mishandled. We deserve a choice to authorize expenditures charged to our accounts."

"When reading the Proposed Berkeley County Draft Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Ordinance, located online at:, don't forget to read the brief introduction to TDRs on the same Web site at: It's a sister document that helps explain the concept of TDRs, gives an example of how TDR works and provides definitions related to the Proposed TDR Ordinance itself."

"Instead of all you people in Washington County complaining about who has the Christmas lights up, which street was worked on and made a noise and woke them up, who does what in school, complaining about the teachers, why don't you really find something to complain about? There's an old saying that says 'There was a man who complained he had no shoes, until he saw the man who had no feet.' So why don't all you get a life, and make that your 2008 resolution?" - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Here's a happy thought: How about Obama for president and Huckabee for vice president?" - Hagerstown

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