County employees' salaries set

January 04, 2008|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, PA. - Their salaries and wages were adjusted in the latter part of 2007, but most of Franklin County's more than 1,000 employees will also be getting a 3 percent raise for 2008.

It was among the last acts of the last meeting of the current Board of County Commissioners, as former chairman G. Warren Elliott and Commissioner Cheryl Plummer will be out of office at midnight Sunday. The board reorganized Monday and Plummer was named chairwoman, a post she will hold until her term expires.

"We based it on years of experience. She's the most senior member - in more ways than one," Elliott said of Plummer, who has been in office 14 years and is the oldest member of the board. Elliott had been chairman for the past 12 years.

Commissioner Bob Thomas, along with Bob Ziobrowski and David S. Keller, are being sworn in today at the courthouse, although their terms begin Monday. The county's other elected officials, including Judge Richard Walsh, along with Chambersburg mayor-elect Peter Lagiovane, Magisterial District Judge Todd Williams and some borough council members and township supervisors, will also be taking their oaths of office.


In November, the commissioners adjusted county wages and salaries, eliminating the two lowest pay grades, thus bumping everyone up two levels on the pay scale.

While most employees will get 3 percent adjustments, the 91 corrections officers at the jail and 44 Probation Department officers and Domestic Relations hearing and enforcement officers will receive 4 percent raises as their contracts state.

"The budget allows for up to 5 percent, so there will be some excess funds," Elliott said of the nonunion employees. "The new board could consider additional increases if they so desire."

Salary increases for elected officials were set for 3 percent this year in an action taken by the board in 2004, Elliott said. The salary for commissioners this year will be $65,362.

Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds Linda Miller and Clerk of Courts William Vandrew, considered dual officeholders, will be paid $64,757. Controller Carol Fix Diller, Prothonotary Linda Beard, Treasurer David Secure, Coroner Jeffrey R. Conner and Sheriff Dane Anthony will be paid $59,124.

District Attorney John F. Nelson's salary is $156,441, $1,000 less than a Court of Common Pleas judge, Elliott said. District attorney salaries are set by the state, which is supposed to pay 65 percent of that salary, he said.

The county's part-time jury commissioners, Allen Twigg and William Butts, will be paid $12,440.

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