Pawns willing to do bidding of Big Oil

January 02, 2008

Science should guide us. Alternative science, whether on global warming or on evolution is fake science ? i.e. nonscience.

Alternative science may be devised in the interest of religion (the intelligent design argument), or of political ideology (the global-warming deniers and later those who say that humans can have no meaningful effect on global warming). Bad policy comes mainly from bias, yours, mine, those who would manipulate I and thou.

Fake science, created by the big oil companies, is never repeated or adopted by the community of authentic scientists who publish their data in peer- reviewed journals and who do science on a workaday basis.

Big oil has a natural bias in favor of the "no global warming" view, and most recently in favor of the "nothing we can do about it" view. In the interest of this bias it is very easy to manipulate politicians by making campaign contributions.


The politicians in turn, including Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, and George W. Bush, can then manipulate the common man by creating the idea that being a true conservative means being a global-warming denier or a "nothing we can do about it" asserter.

Al Gore just got a Nobel Prize for his work on global warming. What is it going to take? At what point would the deniers finally see "Hey, fellas we are living in a make-believe world - who made us believe these things?"

Cash and carefully planted alternative "fake" science lets big oil make pawns out of the common man. They make waterworld out of planet Earth by enslaving the minds of the voting citizens so the corporate shareholders can get big bucks, and more importantly, so the corporate executives can get even bigger bucks.

Big tobacco did exactly the same thing. They were never brought to book for their misdeeds. The top brass kills millions of Americans every year while they pay themselves the seven-figure salaries. Big oil, big guns, big nuclear, big tobacco, it's all one club. They have the leather chairs, the fine cigars and a jolly good laugh at what they are doing to everybody else.

When "true conservative" in the mind of the common man becomes gun owner, smoker, global warming denier, this is what in the marketing business is called product positioning, or brand positioning. It doesn't take more than a few hundred million dollars to make it happen, and that's chump change to these guys.

And in whose name does this happen? For what? The big oil shareholders get a few cents more in their dividends. The regular guy who buys gasoline gets to save a buck and lose the world and be made a pawn in their game. Fake science gets to masquerade as the real thing, as long as one gets far enough away from the big cities and the major universities.

Rebalancing this discussion is going to require some passion. All it takes for evil to prevail in this world is for good men and women to do nothing. Falsehood, intentionally promulgated for economic gain, is dishonorable.

Taking advantage of the educational shortcomings of working men and women to present fake science as if it were the real thing is a form of intentional falsehood.

Using the herds already created by religion and political ideology to sell a totally backward proposition contrived by oil companies is an act that needs a countervailing force.

I'm not looking to be a loner. I want rational men and women to join me ? liberals, conservatives, independents, theists, atheists, agnostics, rich, poor and middle class. Science should guide us.

Robert Gary is a Hagerstown resident who writes for The Herald-Mail.

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