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What's your 'bucket list' for 2008?

January 01, 2008|By CHRIS COPLEY

New Year's Day is a time to look over one's life and consider resolutions or goals to accomplish in the upcoming year.

People of any age can benefit from setting goals. When the Pulse team met during Christmas break, we talked a bit about the upcoming movie, "The Bucket List," in which two men set out to accomplish the things they always wanted to do before they died.

None of us has a terminal disease, as the "Bucket List" protagonists have, but we all have goals. So here are the 2008 "bucket lists" of Pulse writers.

Shoval Resnick, 17, senior at South Hagerstown High School:

· Get a full college scholarship

· Take a cross-country road trip

· Read more

· Pass at least one advanced-placement test

· Not lose my mind before the advanced-placement test

Dacruz Norberto, 15, sophomore at Smithsburg High School:


· Become a better journalist

· Have more patience

· Improve my GPA

· Stop cussing people out

· Stop cussing, period.

· Travel to places beyond the East Coast

· Get a car and a job

Robert Keller, 16, junior at North Hagerstown High School:

· Publish my first book

· Maintain straight A's

· Learn the oboe

Fedora Copley, 15, sophomore at North High:

· Learn to play the mandolin better

· Write more

· Make art more often

· Make clothing

Arlene Rivera, 16, senior at South Hagerstown High School:

· Graduate as South High's valedictorian

· Go to college

· Get my driver's license

· Travel during summer

· Expand my jewelry business

· Not go crazy before the advanced-placement test

· Get one first-place finish in track

Liz Craig, 15, student at Truth Christian Academy:

· Make a comic

· Meet a long-distance friend

· Record an album with Dad

· Get a job

Sally Newlin, 16, junior at North High:

· Get an Xbox 360

· Improve my drawing skills

· Finish writing my manga

· Become a "Guitar Hero" expert

Courtney Bradford, 13, eighth-grader at Boonsboro Middle School:

· Keep my math grade above 75

· Finish "Blood Sunset"

· Make friends outside of school

· Get really good at jumping with my horse

Eva Niessner, 15, sophomore at North High:

· Finish my novel

· Improve acting to earn better roles in plays

· Pass math

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