Letters to the Editor

January 01, 2008

Don't give licenses to illegal immigrants

To the editor:

Several weeks ago I found out through the Bill O'Reilly show that the state of Maryland is one of eight states that gives a drivers license to illegal immigrants. I'd like to know how this came about because I suspect that most Marylanders don't know this.

I contacted Del. LeRoy Myers on this matter. He responded very promptly; he referred this to Del. John Donoghue and said Donoghue would contact me. As of this date I have not heard a word from Donoghue, which kind of reminds me of what is being said about him in newspaper.

An illegal immigrant with a valid drivers license was recently involved in a hit and run down around D.C. He was finally tracked down because of damage to his vehicle.


Maybe our state legislators should rethink this law or ask the Maryland populace what they prefer. The state of New York tried to pass this kind of law and they were soundly told "No!"

Edward Kendall

A good year for George Bush

To the editor:

Despite the best attempts by the liberal media to paint a doom and gloom picture, President Bush has had a good 2007.

The US economy has had a good year - 2007 looks set to produce 3 percent growth in GDP, a 3 percent increase in consumer spending, and a more than 3 percent growth in after-tax incomes. Inflation is in check with only a modest increase.

Jobs are being added every month and the stock market will have respectable gains across the board. Falling interest rates will help the economy contiue to grow and a steady pace

President Bush has also has a good year beating back bad ideas from the Democratic Congress. He has made the Redo/Pelosi run Congress back down on higher taxes, surrender in Iraq and pork spending. As the approval numbers for President Bush are on the rise, the numbers for the Democrat-run Congress are dropping. President Bush also won on the S-CHIP and AMT tax.

President Bush also made the Democrats give up on the pay-as-you-go budget rule that might have forced tax increases on businesses, which in turn would have been passed onto the consumers.

Despite a falling annual budget deficit and increasing revenues to the U.S. Treasury, Democrats still want to take more of your money to spend on more government programs.

With only a few spending bills passed, the pork in those bills are running at about 65 percent for Democrats with a price tag of more than $30 billion. We still have about eight spending bills to go; and this is why Democrats want to raise our taxes?

All in all, not a bad year for President Bush and America.

Terry Weddle
Fayetteville, Pa.

Reasons to be grateful

To the editor:

You know we have a lot to be thankful for every holiday season: For our families, our jobs our country.

Thankful for the young men and women everywhere for our country, freedom, better way of life. Thankful to all of them who proudly serve this great country of ours, the USA.

Thankful for the farmers who work hard every day in all kinds of weather, for the food we eat every day and this holiday.

Thankful for our parents, who work hard in some jobs they don't really care for, but work to provide food, clothing and home for us.

Thankful for our schools, churches and learning places.

Thankful for God who gave us all lief and had his son die on a cross for not just me for all of us. Who rose from the dead and forever lives.

Thankful we live in a country where we have freedom of speech, religion and to do whatever we put our hearts into.

Thankful for friends and co-workers, who listen and help out now and then.

Thankful for doctors, policemen, firemen, ambulance workers, caregivers.

We should be thankful every day and not just on a holiday. It's not just a holiday; it should be a way of life.

Janice Spoonire

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