Mail Call

January 01, 2008

"On Tuesday - I guess the Democrats just don't get it - they're raising the cigarettes up. I'm a smoker, I'm sorry to say, but I smoke - but raising the cigarettes up $1 a pack, this is like the third or fourth smallest state in the union, and I believe anyone that lives in this state, all they have to do is drive maybe 45 minutes to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia or D.C. to buy a pack. So they think they're gonna make money, but they're gonna lose money. I just don't get it." - Halfway

"Ah, sweet 16. I feel we are witnessing greatness. Others keep comparing the Pats against the '72 Dolphins, but they overlook a simple fact. Rice, Marino and Manning have had their records surpassed in the last week. All the players were on different teams during different periods. Now the records are all under one umbrella, with a team that went 16-0. The naysayers are looking more and more pathetic when they say the Pats need to win the Super Bowl to achieve greatness. This fan is quite happy and feels quite comfortable saying that the Patriots are the greatest football team. If you told me I would have felt that way back in the early '70s, I would have laughed. Enough of the silliness of comparing. Rest up, Pats - let's go for it all." - Cavetown


"I bet the Midwest is hoping for global warming right now. Maybe it is not such a bad thing after all."

"West Virginia legislators, leave the ATVers alone. People have the full right and will continue to make fools of themselves and do dangerous, stupid things. There is no legislation that can outlaw stupidity. Also, why not license only the responsible among us to 'pig out' on cheesecake and french fries? Same principle." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"To the grouch who is sick of Christmas music and thinks Christmas is over on Dec. 26: Liturgically, Christmas starts on Dec. 25. Dec. 2, 2007, started something called Advent, which most people never learned about. Christmas goes until Jan. 6; however, you may be right, as most churches are on the department store schedule and never gave liturgy a fleeting thought."

"When I grow up, I want to be a flagman on a West Virginia highway construction job: $32/hour is $66,560 (per year). Not bad. I might be able to pay my taxes with that." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I'd like to make a comment that everyone that gets help with toys for Christmas is not on welfare. I have three children. I was a single mom who worked two jobs just to make ends meet. The toys I received from The Salvation Army were a blessing to my family. I'm now married and buying a home, but each year I don't forget, and I give a donation to The Salvation Army for toys for other families." - Hagerstown

"This is a comment on telephone books again. It seemed like the books were just here. I wish you could see some of the roads down here in the southern part of the county. They look like the books have just been dropped, dropped, dropped, dropped - two and three some boxes and they're just, the bags are blown off of them and it is some one big mess. I think the telephone company should come out and gather this stuff up." - Boonsboro

"I must respond to the person who thinks Christmas ends after Dec. 25. The season of Christmas begins on Dec. 25, and ends 12 days later on Jan. 6, also known as Old Christmas. Be sure my lights will remain on until Jan. 6. I have never thought 12 days was an excessive time to celebrate the birth of Jesus." - Hagerstown

"This is on painting lines on I-81 in Maryland. I'm going up I-81 on this rainy day, and here I think Maryland, for as much money as taxpayers have to pay in taxes, that Maryland could have a better kind of paint to put on their roads, where people could see better at nighttime and in the rain. I'm driving up I-81 right now, and it's terrible to try to see where the lines are. It's ridiculous. All these politicians that are taxing you to death and you gotta drive on highways like this - it's terrible. You need to quit spending some of this money other places and put it some place where it does more good for the people." - Hagerstown

"I would like to thank the young lady who was carrying her infant on Dec. 13, around 4:45. I fell in the parking lot at the Robinwood Medical Center, in the yellow section. The young lady came to help me up, and she had her infant she was carrying under her coat. I do want to thank you for being my angel and helping me up. I forgot to get your name, and I would like to thank you again and wish you and your family and your little angel a happy New Year." - Clear Spring

"The caller that said it costs taxpayers more to execute a criminal than give them life, could someone please explain why? If the DNA proves without a doubt that they are guilty, then the execution should take place within a year, and not be drawn out for 20 years. After all, they didn't give their victims five minutes to decide what to do. Please, someone explain this." - Hagerstown

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