Saddles 'n' spurs members compete in Horse Bowl

January 01, 2008|By MARK JOHNSON / Saddles 'n' Spurs Reporter

The Horse Bowl is a contest of knowledge about horses. A leader reads a question. For example, Who was the first mule breeder in North America? The kids then race to see who can press the button on the buzzer system first.

If you're first to the button, your light goes on. After being recognized, you get to answer - George Washington. It is a lot of fun to use the buzzer system, but not all the questions are as easy as that one.

The leaders divided the group into four teams. There were two junior teams. The Mini Monsters were made up of Brianne Selders, Lindsay O'Brien, Nathan Johnson, Dan Selders and Megan Leisinger.

The Wild Mustangs were Sonja Goebel, Morgan Angle, Heidi Selders, Katie Sprankle and Jacob Leisinger.

In the first round, the Mini Monsters defeated the Wild Mustangs with the help of dark horse team member Brianne Selders. Back in September when she joined the local club, Saddles 'n' Spurs, Brianne didn't know much about horses. Her mom reports she has been studying every day since then. We could tell! In a second round, though, the Wild Mustangs fought their way to a close win.


The mixed-age teams were neck-and-neck in both rounds.

The Purple People Eaters included Zoe Chapelle, Sarah Angle, Montana Sheedy and Lilli Sutton.

The Shires were made up of Mark Johnson, Ruthie Mullendore, Katie Boring and Mariah Chapelle.

Of course, no activity is complete without food. The Washington County Horse Council provided pizza, chips and sodas for the participants and their families.

Of course, now that the fall Horse Bowl is history, 4-H members are busy forming study groups to practice for the spring competition that will decide which hardworking individuals will represent Washington County at the University of Maryland State Horse Bowl in March.

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