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December 29, 2007

Editor's demand for fact-based posts a gift to school chief

To the editor:

I believe that your article regarding Herald-Mail Forums was a Christmas present to the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Elizabeth Morgan.

It was she who decided to put forth the totally false claim that Washington County Schools were "world class" by putting the sign on the BOE building, including the phrase in tens of thousands of pieces of correspondence including the unnecessary "annual reports" distributed right before the budget hearings, and mentioning the phrase at every available opportunity.

I note that you never told her that saying the school system is "world class" without justification (and there is no justification for this totally false claim) "is not good enough."

Your article states that "The Washington County Public Schools struggled for years, in part because there were educators who believed that certain children...could not achieve."


If you are correct and I have no reason to doubt you are, w2hy did The Herald-Mail never mention this glaring fault whenmentioning it might have done some good?

I will agree that Dr. Morgan has accomplished some good things with the nearly $1 billion of government funds that she has been able to spend but wouldn't it be impossible not to accomplish some good things with that amount of money?

Your article states that "If school system officials ignore wise counsel, shame on them." Since the school system is fully funded by the county government, saying "shame on them" is meaningless. Your article would have been more believable if you had written something such "If school system officials ignore wise counsel, they should be fired."

And that is the overriding problem with the school system. Neither the county government, nor the newspapers, nor the parents have held the school system officials accountable for their mistakes and missteps.

So, during this holiday season, we can all celebrate the below average achievements of our high school students in academics and in physical fitness. Happy Holidays.

Daniel Moeller

Atheism has no conscience

To the editor:

If those who attack Christianity continue to insist that the ordinary follower of Christ, who has never done anyone harm, must answer for the crimes committed by self-proclaimed Christians in history, then likewise atheists do not get to turn a blind eye to the brutality caused by their beliefs in recent world history.

In Dinesh D'Souza's book, "What's So Great About Christianity?", he demonstrates that while religion has been guilty of violent acts, it's the atheist who has much to answer for:

"Even taking higher population levels into account, atheist violence surpasses religious violence by staggering proportions. Here is a rough calculation. The world's population rose from around 500 million in 1450 AD to 2.5 billion in 1950, a fivefold increase. Taken together, the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the witch burnings killed approximately 200,000 people. Adjusting for the increase in population, that's the equivalent of one million deaths today. Even so, these deaths caused by Christian rulers over a five-hundred-year period amount to only 1 percent of the deaths caused by Stalin, Hitler, and Mao in the space of a few decades." (p. 215)

When one truly gives their life to Jesus Christ and accepts his invitation to follow, the fruit that results is love, peace, forgiveness, giving, etc.

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche predicted that the "death of God" movement would lead to the bloodiest century in history and a universal madness. Nietzsche was willing to admit that atheism is devoid of conscience.

Authors Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, who continue to preach the "moral superiority" of atheism, would do well to reexamine the history of godless governments.

Chad A. Gross

Candidates unaware of economic woes

To the editor:

Recently an article in the news stated "Consumer spending surges in November" somewhat implying that the economy is on the right track. I find that each week I'm spending more but buying less due to the current inflation level. A product may cost $2 this week but the same product may cost $2.50 the next week.

I don't believe any of the so-called candidates for the president of our country have any conception of the real world that the average citizen has to face each and every day. They just don't understand because none of the candidates have shopped on a budget nor faced any of the problems that we have to deal with.

The presidential debates so far show little as to what to expect from the candidates. The issues to date have just been the infighting between the Democrats vs. the Democrats and the Republicans vs. the Republicans with the rest of us excluded. None of the candidates have addressed any of the issues that concern us and why should they?

None of the candidates have to worry about bills, health care and the other mundane problems we must face. They are good when it comes to spending our tax money on whatever they feel will help their special interest groups.

Glen Conway
Falling Waters, W.Va.

Don't outlaw executions of deadly felons

To the editor:

Do not abolish capital punishment. Rather, use it more often and with less delay. I will not vote for a candidate who votes to abolish it.

Edwin Kumsher

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