Shuster goes on Record to honor retiring Franklin Co. commissioners

December 28, 2007|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. ? The House of Representatives was busy on Wednesday, Dec. 5, with 25 bills and 10 resolutions introduced, according to the Congressional Record, along with the reading of a tribute to retiring Franklin County Commissioners G. Warren Elliott and Cheryl Plummer by U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster.

Copies of Shuster's remarks were presented to Elliott and Plummer Thursday by Jeremy Shoemaker, a field representative for the congressman. The 9th District Republican's tribute was read in the House the day after the commissioners were feted at a surprise luncheon with about 400 friends, family and colleagues in Chambersburg.

"With their leadership, Franklin County has become the best economy in Pennsylvania and number 54 overall in the entire northeast region," Shuster's tribute said. "Their service and leadership has been fundamental to the success of the county and the quality of life of its residents. Commissioner Elliott and Commissioner Plummer jointly received the Outstanding County Commissioner of 2007 Award."


Elliott and Plummer chose not to run this year for a fourth four-year term. Plummer, appointed to the Board of County Commissioners following the death of Commissioner Dennis Zeger in 1992, has spent 14 years in office.

Along with the past 12 years as chairman of the board, Elliott also served an interim appointment of about nine months in 1987.

"Elliott has also served on numerous boards of directors, including the Franklin County Area Development Corporation and the Franklin County Conservation District," Shuster said.

"(Plummer) has dedicated much of her career to improving human services in the county, serving as chair of the Human Services Committee in the County Commissioners Association," Shuster said in his remarks.

"That was really special. I'm very touched," Plummer said. "I don't think anybody in my family has had that honor."

"It's a way to permanently archive someone's accomplishments," Shoemaker said of the inclusion of the tribute in the Congressional Record.

Shoemaker said the last Franklin County resident he recalled being included in the Congressional Record was John Redding, the late mayor of Chambersburg.

Commissioner Bob Thomas will be sworn in to a fourth term on Friday, Jan. 4, along with new commissioners Bob Ziobrowski and David S. Keller.

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