Huge duplex built on Beverly Drive in Hagerstown

Developer says it could be used for multiple families

Developer says it could be used for multiple families

December 28, 2007|By JOSHUA BOWMAN

WASHINGTON COUNTY ? It looks out of place in a neighborhood of one-story ranchers, and it dwarfs a nearby Dunkin' Donuts restaurant.

Refer to it as "the duplex," and county officials respond with a smile.

"It's a really big house," said Mike Thompson, director of planning for Washington County.

The two-story structure at 2209 Beverly Drive in Hagerstown, which still is under construction, has room for four or five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

When construction is finished next spring, it also could have a finished basement with a game room and wet bar, according to permits filed with the county.

Sassan Shaool, who manages the property through Foxshire Plaza Enterprises LLC, said it was designed to accommodate a family in need of an in-law suite.


Shaool originally wanted fast-food restaurant

"We're not sure exactly what we're going to do with it, whether we will rent it or sell it. But the idea was for someone who had older family members living with them," Shaool said.

Shaool said he originally wanted to build a fast-food restaurant on the property, which is adjacent to Dual Highway near Mount Aetna Road.

"We were trying to attract the Popeye's that went in across the street," Shaool said.

When the county would not approve the rezoning from residential to commercial use, Shaool said he decided to build the duplex instead.

"The land had been vacant since the 1990s," Shaool said. "We wanted to go ahead with something."

Project could interfere with Funkstown bypass

The house will not be affected by a planned widening of U.S. 40 in the area of Edgewood Drive or the upcoming realignment of the intersection of Mount Aetna Road and U.S. 40, said Gary W. Rohrer, Washington County's director of special projects.

But it could interfere with plans for a Funkstown bypass, according to a 2005 alignment proposal for the road.

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