Former Hagerstown man gets 34 to 170 years for Pa. serial rapes

Srun, already serving time in Md., likely will be behind bars for life

Srun, already serving time in Md., likely will be behind bars for life

December 27, 2007|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - A convicted serial rapist, already serving up to 35 years in Maryland, was sentenced Wednesday in Franklin County Court to a lengthy consecutive state prison sentence that likely will keep him behind bars for the rest of his life.

Pov Srun, who often disguised himself during his attacks by sticking pieces of duct tape to his face, was convicted during an October jury trial of two counts each of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, kidnapping, robbery of a motor vehicle, terroristic threats and other offenses for a pair of 2004 sexual assaults that occurred within a two-week period. He was found guilty on Oct. 16.

On Wednesday, Judge John R. Walker sentenced the 36-year-old former Hagerstown man to 34 to 170 years in prison.

"What we've been told, he'll have to do at least half that 35 years" before he is eligible for parole in Maryland, Assistant District Attorney Jeremiah Zook said afterward. Assuming that, Srun will "be in his mid-80s" before he is eligible for parole in Pennsylvania, Zook said.


Srun's two Pennsylvania victims both were present in court, but neither spoke, Zook said. One did submit a letter to the court, he said.

Srun, who had pleaded guilty to two similar rapes committed in 2005 in Montgomery County, Md., told Walker he had found religion while in prison, but the conversion carried no weight with the judge.

"If you want mercy, go to church," Walker told him. "If you want justice, come to court."

Srun's wife also asked the court to show mercy for her husband, Zook said.

On the night of Sept. 16, 2004, a 16-year-old Smithsburg girl was forced into her own vehicle as she left the Kmart parking lot in Waynesboro, Pa., driven to an unknown location and sexually assaulted, according to Waynesboro police. The attacker, with duct tape on his face, took photographs, returned her and the vehicle to near the Kmart Plaza and left $200 in the vehicle, she testified.

A 20-year-old Chambersburg woman was getting into her vehicle in the Weis Market parking lot in Chambersburg during a driving rain on the afternoon of Sept. 28 when she was forced into her vehicle and assaulted in a similar manner, according to Chambersburg police. She testified the man also took pictures and left $300 in her car when he returned to the shopping center parking lot.

DNA from the sweatband of a baseball cap left in the first victim's vehicle matched that collected for a rape test kit in the second case. Those samples matched up with DNA collected after a Jan. 25, 2005, assault in Maryland, according to court records.

On Feb. 25, 2005, another sexual assault occurred in Maryland, this time broken up by a bystander. That man also got the license number of the attacker's Honda Odyssey and Srun soon was taken into custody.

Srun did not testify at his trial, and the defense presented no evidence or testimony in the case.

Srun was calling out to family members at the end of the sentencing hearing, resisting somewhat as a sheriff's deputy took him from the courtroom, Zook said. As Srun was leaving court, there was an exchange between him and the judge.

"Judge, you're not very compassionate," Walker said Srun told him.

"I'm also not a rapist," Walker said he told the prisoner.

Should he one day be released from prison, Srun will have to register with police for the rest of his life under the provisions of Pennsylvania's version of Megan's Law. He did not participate in the mandatory sexual offender assessment following his conviction, according to court documents.

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