Boonsboro again has a recycling bin

December 26, 2007

BOONSBORO - After an absence of nearly six months, a recycling bin has returned to Boonsboro.

The large, green Dumpster has been placed in the state's Park 'n' Ride facility at the intersection of South Main Street (old U.S. 40) and Md. 67, according to Debra A. Smith, town manager. The first day of operation was Dec. 20.

Details for the placement of the bin at the State Highway Administration (SHA) facility were worked out by Smith, county Recycling Coordinator Harvey Hoch and a SHA representative.

Boonsboro's recycling bin was removed last summer from its previous location because the site had been used by some as a dumping ground.


"We're relieved to have the recycling bin back," said Janeen Solberg, chairwoman of the town's Recycling Task Force. "It's important for a growing community like ours to support conservation efforts. Having a convenient means to recycle is a service that people have come to want and expect.

"We thank the Mayor and Town Council, Debbie Smith and Harvey Hoch for their efforts in securing a suitable site for the town's only recycling facility. We look forward to continue working with them on other recycling issues."

The task force was initially formed to address the loss last summer of the recycling bin. Late this fall, the task force began a door-to-door survey of the 1,100 households in the town to determine how the residents recycle their household waste and what services, such as curbside recycling, they might want in the future.

"We are hoping to finish the survey by the end of January," Solberg said. "The holidays slowed us down a bit, but we have made good progress."

Solberg reminds residents to place recyclable paper products in one side of the bin, and food and beverage cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles in the other side. Otherwise, sorting is not necessary. Labels and lids do not have to be removed. Only numbers 1 and 2 plastic bottles, however, are recyclable; numbers can be found on the bottom of the plastic bottles.

Plastic grocery and trash bags should not be tossed into the recycling bin. Most grocery stores provide a place near the front of the store to recycle them.

The same guidelines are applicable for other recycling bins that the Washington County recycling office has placed around the county. The county government sponsors this recycling program.

To head off any misuse of the recycling bin and the area around the bin, the task force members have volunteered to monitor the site on a daily basis.

These bins are used to collect materials that can be reused to make other products. Solberg advises residents to only use the bins to discard household waste that the program can use. Materials that cannot be recycled should be put out for regular trash pickup.

Paper products, which can be recycled, include newspapers, junk mail, magazines, phone books, corrugated cardboard (less than 2-feet square) and box board, such as cereal and tissue boxes.

Commingled containers and lids, which can be recycled, are food and beverage cans (both aluminum and steel); clear, green and brown glass bottles; numbers 1 and 2 plastic bottles. All other plastics, numbered or otherwise, are not accepted in the Washington County green bin recycling program, according to Solberg.

For more information about recycling in Boonsboro or to join the task force, contact Solberg at 301-416-2750. For information about recycling other materials, contact Hoch, county recycling coordinator, at 240-313-2790.

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