Gifts, family and experience

Tri-State-area kids share cherished holiday memories

Tri-State-area kids share cherished holiday memories

December 23, 2007|By TIFFANY ARNOLD

One year, he made everyone get up at 3 a.m. on Christmas Day.

Austin Black, who was 6 or 7 at the time, couldn't wait to open his gifts. He woke up everyone in the house and brought them to the tree.

"I was excited," said Austin, now 11, of Hagerstown.

For many people, merry memories of Christmas begin in childhood. Austin and other kids in the Tri-State are forming their Christmas memories right now.

Sometimes, it's a special gift that stands out. Sometimes, it's spending time with family and friends. And for some people, it's about the experience.


So what was it that year that got Austin so excited?

"I don't remember," Austin said, blushing.

His aunt Rose Black couldn't remember, either. "I just remember waking up at 3 a.m."

But both said that that Christmas was one of their most memorable. Austin hasn't gotten them up that early since.

"Now he waits until around 6 or 7," Rose Black said.

Austin was one of several kids who stopped recently while at Valley Mall in Halfway to share Christmas memories.

Savannah Atha, 11, of Cearfoss, said her favorite Christmas happened last year.

"Because I got my dirt bike," Savannah said. "I sold my four-wheeler and I wanted that money for a dirt bike, so I kept begging and begging my mom and dad until finally we found one for a good price."

Victoria Faith, 11, of Hagerstown, said she remembered her favorite Christmas.

"Whenever I got my Razor," Victoria said.

She wasn't referring to a shaving utensil nor was she talking about the Razr cell phone made by Motorola.

"It's a moped," Victoria said of her Razor. "It was black and pink and I really wanted one. It's awesome."

Some kids said they didn't have a favorite Christmas yet, but they did have things they looked forward to during the holidays.

In Jordyn and Janae Severt's case, it's going to "Nanny's" house - the home of their grandmother Dorothy Lowman. The 11-year-old twins enjoy eating grandma's cookies and spending time with family, said their mother Jami Harris.

Heather Price, 9, of Shepherdstown, W.Va., said she enjoys giving presents to others.

"So that they know that we thought of them," Heather said.

Her twin sister, Laura, said her favorite thing about Christmas was looking under the tree on Christmas morning.

"Like when I get up in the morning and I see all that stuff that I wanted and I'm surprised at all the stuff Santa got me," Laura said.

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