Waynesboro budget to hold line on property taxes

December 20, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - The Waynesboro Borough Council on Wednesday approved its final version of the 2008 budget, which includes no real estate tax increase, according to Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger.

The total budget contains $8.4 million in revenue and $8.8 million in expenditures, representing a deficit of about $317,000.

"Part of that is because of major capital projects," Hamberger said, pointing to the $100,000 storm sewer project in the budget.

Other major capital improvement projects in the budget were $108,000 budgeted for water line projects on North Church Street and $210,000 for the C.V. Avenue project.

"We always underestimate (revenues) and overestimate expenditures," Hamberger said.

The top three expenditures in the budget are projected to be for public safety (19.6 percent), highways (16.1 percent) and health and welfare (15.5 percent).


The tax rate is 17.18 mills and one mill generates $55,000 to $60,000 in income, Hamberger said.

Act 511 taxes, including the local services tax, were approved by the council to remain enforced through the year 2008.

Councilman Richard "Dick" George was the only council member to vote against the budget. He previously said he did not support the hiring of a 20th full-time officer to the police force because of the budget deficit. He wanted to make a decision on the hiring after the budget had been hammered out.

However, money came from elsewhere in the budget to staff 20 full-time officers and Tammy Shank was hired as the 20th officer in November.

The borough council's reorganization meeting will be held Jan. 7.

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