Blast from the Past

December 19, 2007

Week of Dec. 16, 1957

· Mary Luipersbeck was born in Austria a little before the turn of the century, and came to America in 1922. For several decades, she has mothered countless families, clubs, church organizations and minority groups in Hagerstown and Washington County. She is director of the St. Mary's Catholic Church Social Club, a highly successful weekly Sunday night dance and social program for teenagers.

Mary says there's just one thing she insists upon at the dances. "Whether boys or girls, they must be in their teens. I don't let older boys, in their twenties maybe, come in to dance with our school girls. They may be fine boys, but I still think it is not good to mix up too much the age groups. And anyone who comes to Social Club must obey the rules - or out! I trust all my teenagers, but I also make sure they don't sit in parked cars - even to talk politics."


· The annual Christmas party sponsored by local CIO unions will feature television star Pick Temple and his dog, Lady.

Also on hand to entertain the boys and girls will be Reno, the local magician, and accordion players from Machen Music Studio.

Four new bicycles and other gifts will be given away as door prizes. All boys and girls will receive toys, candy and oranges.

All children of Hagerstown and vicinity have been invited to this Christmas party, annually the largest of its kind in Hagerstown. Special invitations have been extended to San Mar Orphanage, Milton Wright Home, Quincy Orphanage, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, Council for Retarded Children, and the Boys and Girls Club.

Week of Dec. 16, 1982

The telephone started ringing at Haven Hoffman's Chewsville house as soon as the credits started rolling at the end of "Real People" last night. The NBC television show had been scheduled to air a Christmas story about Mrs. Hoffman ? better known as Mrs. Santa ? but didn't.

A spokesman for George Schlatter Productions in Los Angeles said the show's producer dropped the Mrs. Santa segment for reasons he couldn't explain. He said there is a possibility the segment will air in the future.

Mrs. Hoffman, 82, said she wasn't disappointed the show didn't air. She just wanted her telephone to stop ringing.

It's little consolidation to Mrs. Hoffman that she's featured as a "Good Samaritan" in the Dec. 21 issue of National Enquirer ? even though she shares a page with Elizabeth Taylor.

This is the 39th year that Mrs. Hoffman has distributed toys and food baskets to needy families.

· Managers and employees of Hagerstown's three Grand Union supermarkets said Wednesday that they've been told the stores have been sold. The three Hagerstown stores are on Baltimore Street, Virginia Avenue, and in the Long Meadow Shopping Center. One worker said a group of employees is trying to pool some money to buy the Baltimore Street store from Grand Union, but has met with only roadblocks from company officials. The workers are willing to invest their severance pay and mortgage their homes to buy the store, he said.

"It's for a job, and to make money like everybody else," he said. "Most of us are unemployed now. With the experience we have in the industry, I think we could really make a go of it."

- Compiled by Kelly Moreno

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