Tri-State college students settle down for a long winter's break

December 18, 2007|By ELLY POPPER / Herald-Mail intern

Winter break has begun for many area college students, who say they find a variety of activities to fill the time between semesters.

"First, I visit my grandparents. Then, I go home and make peanut butter balls ... then get lazy and try to get my mom to take care of me because I'm sick of cooking for myself" said Anna Granofsky, 19, a student at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, W.Va. "I might get a small job."

Ali Lease, 21, said work finds her.

"I go on walks with my dog and always end up getting stuck baby-sitting," the Hagerstown Community College student said. "I spend a lot of time with my family, so they always make me baby-sit. I'm getting a second job to fill the time."

"I'm probably going to work back home with the kids at the high school and their play," said Matt Lincoln-Bugg, a 19-year-old Shepherd student. "Then, it's eat, sleep and take the dog out."


Steve Brussard, 20, has simple plans for his winter break from HCC.

"I just pick up a holiday job at the Prime Outlets," he said.

Shippensburg (Pa.) University student Carrie Johnson likes to travel when she has the time.

"I usually like to take a big trip somewhere like Australia," she said.

But her plans will change this year.

"This year, I want to stay in my room and study the whole time," Johnson said. "I like to be smarter than the professors. I'm still planning small trips to Canada, Ohio and Baltimore on the weekends though."

Shepherd student Laura Cole, 18, said her break is shorter than most students, and that will affect her plans.

"We come back a week and a half early to rehearse for a concert," she said. "I don't have time for a job."

For one HCC student, work and school are one in the same.

"I usually work a lot more," said Andy Nestler, 20, who works at the community college. "We get classes prepared for the next semester and help teachers. On my free time, I hang out with high school friends and spend time with my girlfriend."

Many students fill their winter break with a seasonal job, and some return to the same job every break.

"We've got a couple that come back for the holidays," said April Holzman, manager of Nautica at Prime Outlets. "It's got its advantages. They know how to run the register and about the quality and sizes of our clothing."

Tony Scopo of Cafe Italia on Pennsylvania Avenue said it always is busier during the holidays. Rehiring employees has its advantages because "they know what they're doing and they're good people. They're always welcome," he said.

Mike Durazo, owner of Al Pomodoro on Eastern Boulevard in Hagerstown, consistently hires back employees who leave for college and express interest in working when they return.

"They're always welcome, especially the good ones," he said.

Winter breaks

Hagerstown Community College - Through Jan. 14

Shepherd University - Through Jan. 10

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