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December 17, 2007

Last week's question:

Now that the filing deadline has passed for the Washington County Board of Education race, what questions would you like the candidates to answer?

· What fresh, new idea would you bring to the BOE and the school system to make learning the priority of being in school and not just to learn to pass a certain state or federal test?

· Do you support establishing outdoor public recycling centers at each public school and at the BOE building?

· Do you support abolishing all middle-school sponsored dances because they are a distraction to learning and might be a contributing factor to the number of unwed teenage pregnancies in this county?


· Will you accept social promotion and grade inflation as a necessary evil or will you speak out against these practices?

· Underage smoking is illegal, so will you support expelling every underage student who smokes?

· How many hours per week are you willing to spend to do the homework necessary to be an informed School Board member?

· Do you have any experience as a student or parent of a student or as a teacher in any K-12 public school system other than in this county?

· What is your opinion regarding compulsory school uniforms as a method to minimize distraction in the schools?

· If you do not include any time you spent at college, have you lived outside Washington County for more than four years?

· If it is proposed that the school system purchase laptop computers for each incoming high school freshman, would you vote for or against that proposal?

· Do you believe that there is any upper limit to the school budget and, if so, what is that amount as a percent of all property taxes?

· Do you agree with the profound and insightful statement recently made by Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth. Morgan: "The reality is that Washington County is going to grow. We all know that." Have you charted the growth of the school population against the growth of the school budget?

· Can you identify one area in which the Washington County Public Schools excel to where that part of this area's system could legitimately be called "world-class"?

· If you are elected to the Schools Board, you will have one of the seven votes. Why do you think that your one vote will make any difference whatsoever in any of the votes the School Board will take? Do you intend to publicly speak out about policies and procedures you disagree with but can not change?

· The average SAT scores for the students in this county are consistently below the average national and state SAT scores: If you are elected, what will you try to do to bring county students' average SAT scores all the way up to the national average scores?

· Since several candidates have been members of the BOE, I would like to ask these candidates how many times they voted with the majority of the BOE on a 4-3 vote? That is, how many times could you possibly claim that you cast the swing or deciding vote?

· What is your IQ?

This week's question:

When you think back to your own childhood, what is your favorite Christmas memory?

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