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Young Hagerstown artist's logo used at arts school ceremony

December 17, 2007|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

HAGERSTOWN - They were designing a logo for a new performing arts high school that will open in downtown Hagerstown.

Most of her classmates featured dancers and paintbrushes in their designs. Cierra Laster said she wanted to do something that stood out, something that would be different.

The senior enrolled in Washington County Technical High School's visual communications courses created a logo for the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts that included a flower and the school's initials, "BISFA," along with the tag line, "Let your talents grow."

The catchy tag line and the unique design landed Cierra's logo on a banner used for the school's dedication ceremony last month.


"It was definitely a surprise," she said. "And an honor."

Dale Bannon, director of system development for Washington County Public Schools, says Cierra's logo could be entered into a countywide logo contest. The winning logo from that contest could be used permanently for the school.

"I'm hoping they use it permanently," Cierra, who lives in Keedysville, said of her design.

Details of that contest are expected to be available in the next few months.

"It's the desire to have a student help (with the logo)," Bannon said.

Cierra's visual communications teacher, Susan Fries, said her class was asked to design a logo for the banner, and there were about 10 submissions. Cierra's was selected for the banner by a committee.

"She really does very well with coming up with tag lines," Fries said of Cierra's work. "It was really pretty. She got a good grade."

Cierra also was asked to create posters for the criminal justice classes at her school. Fries said the tag lines for those posters also were very creative. One said, "Students today, CSI tomorrow." She also is taking some college-level art and drawing courses.

"I think she'll do well," Fries said. "I see a bright future ahead for her."

Cierra says she would like to use her creativity after high school and hopes to go into the advertising business someday, designing logos. She says she wants to go to an art-design college.

"I like the freedom of it," she said about art. "The ability to create anything that pops into your mind."

She particularly enjoys painting, and said that a lot of her drawing and painting experience helps her with computer-based design. Cierra's success is perhaps partly because she takes chances.

"Give anything a shot," she said. "That's what art's all about. About ... not following a pattern."

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