Retired NASA employee to make Senate run

December 17, 2007|By DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Concerned that the area seems to be "living on the edge" at times, Jefferson County Republican Ron Moltere has filed to run for a 16th District state Senate seat next year.

Moltere, 64, of 45 Carter Lane, Harpers Ferry, W.Va., worked for 36 years for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and among his accomplishments was working as a project support specialist for the Hubble telescope.

Moltere also worked for a reserve unit for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and is a member of the Bolivar, W.Va., Town Council.

Although Charles Town Races & Slots is a major source of revenue in Jefferson County, Moltere said he is concerned about communities having only a few major sources of revenue. He said Jefferson County's situation can represent "living on the edge."


Moltere said he wants to attract new technology to the state to diversify the tax base and believes his experience in NASA can help achieve that goal.

Moltere said he has been observing local issues while living in the area and is concerned about the state being ranked near the bottom in various categories. State officials try to "patch bills up" to rectify issues but problems remain, Moltere said.

"We're drowning in our own mire," Moltere said.

Moltere said he wants to know why some companies leave the state and is concerned about issues such as inventory taxes that hurt business.

Moltere said he wants tax reforms for the state that will lead to better economic growth.

Moltere said many people asked him to run for state Senate. While Moltere said he doubts anyone can address all the problems in the state, perhaps he can "at least make a dent. I feel like I'll bring a fresh approach."

Moltere is running for the seat held by Sen. John Yoder, R-Jefferson, who has decided to run for a local circuit judge's seat next year.

Other Republicans who have filed to run for Yoder's seat include Jefferson County Commissioner Rusty Morgan and Bob Adams.

Democrat Herb Snyder has also filed to run for the Senate seat.

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