High school seniors sound off on favorite sports and activities

December 16, 2007

We asked the high school seniors who agreed to participate in our monthly Senior Moments series the following question: What is your favorite sport or activity?

Jessey Flowers, 17

Clear Spring High School

Jessey Flowers started fishing as soon as he could hold a pole, and started practicing tae kwon do in 2003.

"I'm really good at those (activities)," the Clear Spring High School senior said. "It keeps me in shape and keeps my mind sharp."

The 17-year-old works at Allstar Karate in Hagerstown, where he also takes classes. Jessey said he's looking forward to the spring when he can begin bass fishing again, which he does two or three times each month.


Christiana Gagnon, 17

Williamsport High School

Christiana Gagnon first learned to play the flute in the Springfield Middle School band in sixth grade. Since then, she's learned to play two other instruments and is a member of an honors band.

Christiana, 17, is a senior at Williamsport High School, and has been a member of the school's marching band since her freshman year. She said she also participates in concert band.

"Anything to do with instruments," she said.

She plays the flute, piccolo and saxophone.

"All of my friends are in band," Christiana said. "I like playing with my friends. It's something that we have in common."

Meagan Graff, 17

North Hagerstown High School

Before her junior year of high school, Meagan Graff had to choose between volleyball and band.

The North Hagerstown High School senior said she chose band, but often regrets her decision not to try out for her school's varsity volleyball team. She had competed on the junior varsity team as a middle hitter and setter during her first two years of high school, and said that playing volleyball is her favorite activity.

"I did both (volleyball and band) during my sophomore year," Meagan said. "And I missed a lot running back and forth."

She also had participated on a Fellowship of Christian Athletes club volleyball team.

She said the strain of both activities was creating a lot of stress, so she made the decision to commit to band.

Meagan now coaches a younger girls volleyball team for the YMCA.

Alvin Missouri, 17

Washington County Technical High School

Washington County Technical High School senior Alvin Missouri said his favorite sport is basketball.

He enjoys watching and playing the sport.

"You can watch a sport, but it's never as fun as playing," said Alvin, 17.

He does not play on an organized team, but said he enjoys playing basketball with his friends.

"I like all of the stuff you can do with just a basketball ... the tricks you can do," Alvin said.

Christopher Mozingo, 17

South Hagerstown High School

Christopher Mozingo said he grew up playing baseball and there are many baseball fans in his family.

"I just really like it," the South Hagerstown High School senior said.

Christopher made the varsity baseball team at his school last year, and said he'll be trying out again this school year. He typically plays right field, and said he enjoys both hitting and fielding.

Stacey Pittman, 18

Hancock Middle-Senior High School

Stacey Pittman has played softball since fifth grade and said it is her favorite sport.

The Hancock Middle-Senior High School student has been a member of her school's varsity softball team, and said she expects to make the team against this year. Stacey typically plays outfield.

"It's just kind of a stress reliever for me," she said. "It's not full, fast-paced, up and down the court like basketball. You have to have all kinds of skills."

Stacey said she would like to play softball in college.

Misbah Shafi, 17

Smithsburg High School

Misbah Shafi's favorite sport is tennis, and the Smithsburg High School senior said she's been playing for years.

"My family is big on tennis, so I've been playing since I was 8 or 9," she said.

Misbah, 17, has been on her school's varsity tennis team since her freshman year, and said she will try out again this school year.

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