Woman finishes second on 'Jeopardy!'

December 15, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

BOONSBORO - After keeping the outcome a secret for nearly three months, Diana Klick was finally able to celebrate her second-place finish on "Jeopardy!" at a friend's house in Boonsboro.

"I'm curious to see if I look nervous (on television)," Klick said Friday night before watching the program, which aired at 7 and 7:30 p.m.

About 40 friends and family crowded around the television at Mark and Kelli Vindivich's house to watch Klick, of Hershey, Pa., compete against Max Zarou of Culver City, Calif., and Chris McCarthy of Brockton, Mass.

"I like to watch 'Jeopardy!' and have always liked trivia," said Klick, who grew up in Greencastle, Pa., and graduated in 1983 from Greencastle-Antrim High School.


Klick said she watched "Jeopardy!" for years before she had the courage to take an online test, which was a relatively new way to try out for the show.

"The usual process is to go to Los Angeles or certain large cities to audition in person to initiate the process," Klick said.

Klick took the quiz in March 2006, auditioned in New York City in September 2006 and got a call Aug. 3 to go to Los Angeles for the taping of the show.

Klick was in the lead at the end of the first two rounds of "Jeopardy!" but it was Final Jeopardy! that kept her from winning the quiz show.

Klick responded correctly to the first answer of the game with the question: "Who is Duran Duran?" Klick responded correctly to 10 of 11 other answers and had $6,400 at the end of the first round.

One of the hardest parts of the game for Klick was pushing the signaling device.

"The signaling device was spongy and I wasn't sure if I was pushing hard enough," Klick said. "That cost me some questions."

During Double Jeopardy!, Klick responded correctly to 10 of 12 answers, but lost money on a Daily Double.

The answer to the Daily Double was: "A sign of this infection from the virus that also causes chicken pox is a blistering rash preceded by severe pain."

Klick answered "What is rubella?" The correct answer was shingles. She wagered $2,000, but still was in the lead with $16,000 at the end of Double Jeopardy!

Klick said she knew the answer to the Daily Double, but she froze when it was time to answer.

"As soon as I heard the music (for the Daily Double), it was like I was about to give a speech in high school ... I froze," she said.

The Final Jeopardy! answer was: "On March 5, 1936, screenwriter Dudley Nichols did this; it didn't happen again until an actor did it April 15, 1971."

McCarthy's response was "What is die?" and he wagered $1,201. Zarou's response was "What is cried during acceptance?" and he wagered $7,201. Klick responded with "What is won for Best Director?" and wagered $11,201.

All three contestants were wrong. The correct answer was: "What is refused Oscars."

"Alex Trebek said he told the writers that the last question was too hard," Klick said after the show.

Klick came in second place with a total of $4,799 and walked away from the show with $2,000.

Klick's sister, Becky Shubert, who went with Klick to the taping of the show, said Klick prepared for the show by reading books and online material from people who had been on the show.

"She's watched the show enough to know," Shubert said. "I was amazed by how much she remembered."

"She played great," Klick's husband, Scott, said at the end of the show. "She was leading right up until the end."

Scott Klick said his wife is very smart; she had a 4.0 grade-point average in college and passed her CPA test the first time she took it.

Diana Klick said she was most worried about the wagering process of Final Jeopardy!

"I wanted to be so far ahead, I wouldn't have to worry ... but I wasn't," Klick said.

She had $16,000 at the end of Double Jeopardy! and Zarou had $13,600.

"She bet enough so that if she knew that last answer, she would win no matter what," Scott Klick said.

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