Hancock Town Council OKs zoning ordinance

December 13, 2007|By ERIN JULIUS

HANCOCK - The Hancock Town Council on Wednesday approved a zoning ordinance resolution by a unanimous vote.

Also approved during the council's monthly meeting was an updated version of the subdivision ordinance and the zoning ordinance map.

The new zoning district map shows a rural development district, a general commercial district, a town residential district, a town center district, a suburban residential district and an employment center district.

The town center district is mostly commercial, while the employment center is for big industry.

Town Councilman Sinclair Hamilton made the motion to approve the zoning ordinance, which was introduced at the council's November meeting. Town Councilman Robert Anthony McCusker seconded the motion.

During a brief discussion prior to the vote, Hamilton said it was important to remember that any problems within the ordinance can be amended.


"People feel it protects their property, their neighborhoods," he said.

After the 4-0 vote, Mayor Daniel A. Murphy called the zoning ordinance a "significant accomplishment."

Hancock was one of the last municipalities in the area without a zoning ordinance, Murphy said. The ordinance was a "much-needed, long-anticipated piece of legislation," he said.

The ordinance takes effect after a 20-day waiting period, Town Manager David Smith said.

Hancock's planning commission, headed by Anne Weatherholt, developed and submitted the zoning ordinance.

Public hearings on the zoning ordinance were held at Hancock Town Council meetings in September, October and November.

The most lively citizen input was heard at the September and October meetings.

A zoning appeals board will be sworn in following the 20-day waiting period, Murphy said.

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