Waynesboro church looks to spring new building on campus

December 11, 2007|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Otterbein Ministries Inc. has requested permission to erect a 50-foot-by-90-foot "Sprung" building on Otterbein's South Potomac Street campus.

The Sprung Instant Structure - a first in the Borough of Waynesboro - would have aluminum framing built on a concrete slab. Dual layers of a canvas-like membrane would then be stretched across the frame.

"The military is using them in Baghdad. They're quick to put up and inexpensive," said Rick Duesler, Otterbein's director of administration.

The new facility would be used to pull middle schoolers out of the cramped youth ministry center on Sundays, Duesler said.


He estimated that 70 to 80 children use the existing youth ministry center during services.

"We've got too many kids in the building," Duesler said.

The Waynesboro Planning Commission reviewed a sketch plan for the proposal on Monday and told Duesler to proceed with his land development submissions.

Borough Engineer Kevin Grubbs said he reviewed the Sprung Instant Structures Web site ( and learned that they are heated facilities that can support plumbing for bathrooms.

"They look very modernized," Grubbs said.

Sprung Instant Structures have 25-year life spans, Duesler said. The facility would be maintained as one large, open classroom, he said.

The Sprung Instant Structure is shown on plans behind the youth ministry center, which was once Star Electric and is zoned general commercial, Grubbs said.

"From what I can see on our specifications, they're not that different from our regular (building) code. ... It's permanently mounted on a foundation," Grubbs said.

The planning commission asked the borough's contracted building inspection agency to research the structures.

Otterbein must seek a setback variance concerning the proposed structure's proximity to the property line.

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