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December 10, 2007

Last week's question:

If you could give one local elected official a holiday gift, what would it be? (We're looking for positive suggestions here, as opposed to insults and put-downs.)

· My tax bill.

· I'd make the position of Washington County Commissioner a full-time job. The current system doesn't allow the commissioners to focus on their duties to the extent needed and creates numerous additional opportunities for conflicts of interest to develop.

Once this was accomplished, I'd spend the money for the county to retain a "conservative economics" consultant to help find ways to grow the county's economy so that tax rate reductions could be implemented in the near future. (View this entire posting as a "spend a little now to reap the benefits of conservative economics in the near future.")


· I would give the county administrator a copy of the book "Common Sense" written by Thomas Paine.

P.S. I stand self-corrected because the county administrator is not an elected official. Therefore, I would take back the copy of "Common Sense" and then give it to Commissioner James Kercheval, who is an elected official and who could greatly benefit from the wisdom in this book.

· Nothing. I don't know them and why would I give something to them? They don't give me anything but high taxes.

· I would give Jim Kercheval some of that "tuff-skin" spray we used to use on track team back in high school ... so that he can continue to do the right thing, yet also endure the insults of the ignorant.

He rightly understands that it is the conservative thing to do to pay now for necessary services under their (commissioners) authority, than to say "no" to everything now and end up paying twice as much later.

· Wow, you're kidding, right? What a way to bring out the best in our local people. How about we ask some pertinent questions about things that affect us on a daily basis?

This week's question:

Now that the filing deadline has passed for the Washington County Board of Education race, what questions would you like the candidates to answer?

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