Greencastle offers police chief job to Phillippy

December 04, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - The Greencastle Borough Council took the recommendation of its Public Safety Committee on Tuesday night and decided to hire John H. Phillippy as the borough's new police chief.

Phillippy, who lives in Antrim Township, has 26 years of experience as a sergeant for the Chambersburg Police Department.

Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, Paul Schemel, said he was going to call Phillippy Monday night with the news.

If Phillippy accepts the position, he could start in two weeks, Schemel said. Before becoming police chief, Phillippy would need to have physical and psychological exams and a background check.

"He had the best qualifications, best background, and is most familiar with the area," Schemel said.

Three other candidates were interviewed for the police chief position during the week of Nov. 12, but one dropped out.

Seventeen applications were received for the police chief vacancy.

The other two candidates were not local residents, but they do live in Pennsylvania.


The salary for the position is $55,000.

Budget approved

Greencastle Borough Council approved its final budget for Monday night, which included no tax increase for borough property owners, according to Council President Charles Eckstine.

The total proposed budget is about $5.8 million.

The borough council voted to approve the 2008 tax levy ordinance, which keeps the real estate yax rate at 11 mills. Each mill generates $37,794 in revenue, according to the budget.

The general fund came to $2,195,800 with a surplus of $14,900.

Changes to the general fund included increasing an engineering budget item from $10,000 to $20,000 to improve the storm drain situation in the borough and increasing the budget for paving alleys from $8,000 to $15,000.

The top three expenditures in the 2008 budget are expected to be for police (40 percent), street department (29 percent) and administration (11 percent).

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