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December 03, 2007

Last week's question:

On the Thanksgiving holiday just past, which blessing were you most thankful for? (And, for one week at least, no negative posts about the school system, please.)

· I think I'm thankful most for the people in my life - my family and dear, dear friends. These people influence me every day, steering me towards the person I strive to be. I learn from them every day and each one is more precious than gold to me.

· I'm most thankful for family and a great area and community in which to live. Though not my "most thankful" item, since you mention the school system, I am very thankful for the opportunities my kids have had in the Washington County Public Schools.


They have benefitted greatly, been reasonably well prepared and have gone on to achieve at a high level in university studies and careers. And I'm thankful for how this poll question is going to bug one poster!

· Blessing is defined as: A thing conducive to happiness or welfare. With respect to the definition of the word "blessing," I was most thankful for life. Without life there would be no blessings to be thankful for.

And I am thankful that the school system has done such a great job preparing young people to be warehouse workers, because most or maybe even all of the items I buy pass through at least one warehouse.

· I was most thankful for a clean and warm home. A full table and a loving spouse. Thank you, Blessed Lady.

· I feel blessed every day for having a warm home, enough food on the table and a family I love. This year was extra special, though, because my son is back in the states after completing a 15-month tour of duty. Being able to pick up the phone and call him again is awesome.

· I am most thankful for having my mum still with us at the Thanksgiving table. For a warm home and plenty to eat. For the love I get from my dogs and cats.

For my online friends such as Ipurham, Commonsense4u, Notlaffen, Bobhagerstown and really just all of the commenters on the opinion polls who make my days more interesting or aggravating, depending on the question.

And OK, yes, even deletemeagain7. Oh no, I'm starting to tear up!

This week's question:

If you could give one local elected official a holiday gift, what would it be? (We're looking for positive suggestions here, as opposed to insults and put-downs.)

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