Former Hagerstown officials say West End water tower plans flawed

November 28, 2007|By DAN DEARTH

Former Hagerstown Mayor William Breichner was one of two people who told the City Council on Tuesday that the design plans to replace the water tower on the city's West End are flawed.

Breichner and David Shindle, a former engineer with the city's water department, told the council that plans to raise the elevation of a new water tank on the city's West End would cause water pressure to increase.

Shindle passed out copies of his presentation, which included statistics and drafts of the West End reservoir, to each of the council's members.

The increased pressure would put more stress on pipes and possibly cause them to break, Shindle said. In addition, increased pressure would cause more water to flow when people take a shower, for example, and result in higher water bills.


The plan could cost the city millions of dollars, he said.

Shindle said the existing tank is about 20 feet high. The proposed tank would be about 38 feet high, he said.

Breichner said the increased pressure would especially affect pipes in older homes.

City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman said city officials are trying to be very cautious in the way they improve the city's water service.

He said city officials, including Utilities Director Mike Spiker, would meet with Breichner and Shindle to discuss their concerns.

"We'll work through these questions," he said.

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