Boil-water advisory remains in effect in Shepherdstown

November 26, 2007|By DAVE McMILLION

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. - A boil-water advisory remained in effect for Shepherdstown-area residents more than four days after a 12-inch water line serving Shepherdstown broke Wednesday afternoon.

Although water service was restored Wednesday night, a boil-water advisory remained in effect Sunday as a precautionary measure, Mayor Lance Dom said.

It is typical for residents to be asked to boil their water before using it after a water main break until the water can be tested, Dom said.

Dom said he expected to learn more details today about whether the advisory could be lifted.

Town residents are being advised to boil their water three to five minutes before consuming it.

The water line that broke was along Shepherd Grade Road near the Willowdale subdivision, Dom said.

The line was installed in the 1970s and Dom said he attributed the break to its age.

Service was restored between 10 p.m. and midnight Wednesday, Dom said.


Shepherdstown Elementary School and Shepherdstown Middle School will be closed today because of issues surrounding the break, officials said.

The schools will be closed today mostly due to the boil-water advisory, said Suzanne Offutt, principal at Shepherdstown Elementary.

There has been at least one other similar incident in town, including a water line rupture at Shepherd University about a year and half ago, Dom said.

Dom said the breaks do not appear to be related and said he does not think there is anything the town can do to prevent them.

The town has some newer water lines, but sometimes there are problems with those lines, too, Dom said.

"It's just keeping up with single occurrences," Dom said.

There was some concern in town about whether people were adequately notified of Wednesday's water line break.

The rupture was detailed on the town's Web site Sunday night at

The boil-water advisory was in effect until further notice, the Web site said Sunday.

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