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November 26, 2007

Last week's question:

A recent survey done by the Washington County Commission on Aging indicated that many residents would like a senior center like those in other counties. If one were built, what sort of activities should it offer?

· Senior (adult) education courses, because then maybe the seniors, who spend most of their waking hours there, can learn how to be more productive with the use of their time.

Everyone should take a peek at the recent survey and, while they are doing this, try to remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch - someone has to pay. In this county, raising the public debt by at least $15 million every year covers all increases in costs and the commissioners continue to put us deeper in debt.


· And, for goodness sakes, please, please don't let Washington County Public Schools have anything to do with the senior (adult) education courses.

· Well, seems to me that this question has been answered already. The survey said that people want a senior center like in other counties. So, what do these other counties offer?

I think continuing adult education is a great idea. Adult education should fall in the realm of community college or this University of Maryland campus we have.

· As for activities, the majority of respondents to that previous survey said they wanted wellness classes and an exercise room. Many said they would attend continuing ed classes too. Obviously, seniors here want to keep their minds and bodies active and should be applauded. Whatever activities seniors choose to do, the facility will give them a place to socialize and to be engaged with the community rather than stuck inside their homes.

· "Obviously, seniors here want to keep their minds and bodies active and should be applauded." Good gosh almighty, how did the county's seniors live in this county for more than 231 years without a senior center? That has to be one of the county's greatest mysteries.

· The survey was a self-serving exercise by the Commission on Aging to further its agenda, which is to get more county funds and to expand the organization.

Survey takers were deliberately given the misimpression that a senior center in Hagerstown would not cost the seniors a single cent; that is, it would be a freebie for the seniors.

That impression is false. Every senior who pays any county taxes will end up funding a portion of the senior center.

The seniors who choose not to go to the senior center cannot choose not to pay county taxes to fund the senior center.

This county is run by big spenders who can't pay down the debt because they spend every penny they can tax, fee, or borrow. The seniors should know by now that there is no free lunch.

This week's question:

On the Thanksgiving holiday just past, which blessing were you most thankful for? (And, for one week at least, no negative posts about the school system, please.)

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