With turkeys out of the way, Christmas spirit falls on Chambersburg

November 25, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

CHAMBERSBURG, PA. - For several people in Chambersburg, getting into the holiday spirit was only possible once Thanksgiving was over.

Penny Shaul, one of the owners of Here's Looking at You in downtown Chambersburg, said the holiday spirit was a hard time coming this year.

"It seemed to have really snuck up fast," Shaul said. "It seems like a lot of people aren't buying gifts."

What helped Shaul get in the holiday spirit was Thanksgiving, colder weather and the Chambersburg Christmas Parade, she said.

"When they turned on all the lights downtown, that helped me," Shaul said.

Shaul's business, which she owns with her husband, Guy, has been doing well this holiday season, Shaul said. The shop specializes in distinctive women's clothing, unique accessories and gifts.

"Starting yesterday, people were buying Christmas cards, holiday scents and ornaments," Shaul said.

The store opened three years ago, and Shaul said holiday business seems to increase each year.


Down the street at Heavenly Grounds Coffeehouse, Susan Hedges, who owns the business with her parents, said she was not in the holiday spirit until after Thanksgiving.

As a child, Hedges said her family always waited until after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to get ready for the holidays.

"It's just something you do after Thanksgiving," Hedges said. "If it starts before Thanksgiving, you are sick of it by Christmas."

Hedges said what put her in the mood this season was decorating the coffeehouse for the Chambersburg Christmas Parade. A garland, lights and a small Christmas tree adorn the coffeehouse's two front windows.

"We were really busy in here" during the parade, Hedges said.

Although Hedges only recently got into the holiday spirit, she does her holiday shopping all year long, she said.

Christmas is Stacy Armstrong's favorite time of the year.

"I've got my Christmas tree up and my lights," said Armstrong, who works out of her Chambersburg home as a consultant for the candle company PartyLite. "I listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies year-round."

Each year, Armstrong's family cuts down a Christmas tree. This year, they did that Friday.

"Between PartyLite and everything else going on, it's the best time I had to put (the tree) up," she said.

Armstrong began her holiday shopping at the beginning of November and now is finished.

Three sisters, Nancy Roof, Linda Jumper and Gaylea Kelly, came down from Carlisle, Pa., to shop together Saturday at Chambersburg Mall.

"I went out yesterday for Black Friday and that got me in the spirit," Roof said. "I'm always ready after Thanksgiving."

Jumper, of Mount Holly Springs, Pa., said she was in the holiday spirit after she put up her decorations.

"After Halloween is a little much," Jumper said. "(Stores) were almost putting decorations out with Halloween items."

Jumper said she had a way to go with her holiday shopping, having only just gotten her husband's present.

"We're probably going to be here the rest of the afternoon," Roof said at about 12:30 p.m.

"My two sisters usually have to drag me out, and this usually gets me in the holiday spirit," Kelly said. "As soon as I get Christmas gifts, I get in the spirit."

One of the things Jumper said she wanted for Christmas was for her 92-year-old mother, who recently fell and fractured her hip, to get better soon.

"I just pray she's able to get back on her feet again," Jumper said.

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