Some BOE members oppose moving Boonsboro Elementary magnet program

November 21, 2007|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM

Some Washington County Board of Education members tried Tuesday to put an end to discussions of moving Boonsboro Elementary School's magnet program.

Board President Roxanne R. Ober said that the board did not decide to move the program, and it will remain at the school for the foreseeable future. After the board voted to re-examine some options to eliminate overcrowding at Boonsboro Elementary, Board Member Bernadette M. Wagner said that the possibility of moving the world languages magnet program could not be excluded.

In October, Wagner suggested moving Boonsboro's magnet program to Rockland Woods Elementary School as a way to entice parents to move their children to that school. She said Tuesday that a similar situation occurred when moving students into Fountaindale School for Arts and Academic Excellence.

"There's a significant group of people under the impression either rightly or wrongly that this is under consideration," Board Vice President Wayne D. Ridenour said. "It's not under consideration by me, and I'm not sure it's under consideration by the majority of the board."


Ridenour and Board Members Paul W. Bailey, Donna Brightman and Ruth Anne Callaham said they were opposed to taking Boonsboro's magnet program from the school.

Callaham suggested voting to not move the program. Ober said that a vote was not needed to keep the program at Boonsboro.

"I think it was one of many items that was part of a discussion process," she said. "The board is certainly discussing other options."

Hazel Wechsler, a third-grader at Boonsboro, spoke during Tuesday's meeting, and presented the board with posters and other items in support of keeping the magnet program at her school.

"I want to keep the magnet program at my school because now we're learning (at a faster pace)," Hazel said. "We learned things we never would have learned ... we've learned tons of new and exciting things."

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