16 apply for vacant Martinsburg council seat

November 21, 2007|By MATTHEW UMSTEAD

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Sixteen people are interested in completing the four-year term of former Martinsburg City Councilman Donald Anderson, who stepped down last month because of health reasons, City Recorder Sharon A. Flick announced in a memo this week to Mayor George Karos and City Council.

"We're very pleased with the response we got," Karos said. "They're all under review."

Karos said a date had not been set for City Council to meet in executive session to winnow the list to as many as five candidates to complete the term, which ends July 1, 2008. All of the council seats, along with the mayor's seat, will be up for grabs in the June 10, 2008, municipal election.

Though résumés and letters of interest in Anderson's at-large seat were received from residents scattered across the city, more than half of those interested reside in Ward II and Ward IV, according to the voters registration division of Berkeley County Clerk John W. Small's office.


Applicants from Ward I, comprising areas south of West King Street and generally west of West Virginia Avenue, are Jason W. Baker of 735 W. John St. and Joseph Frank Grimes of 417 S. Tennessee Ave. Though elected by all city residents to the at-large council seat, Anderson resides in Ward I, according to city records. The Ward I seat is held by Shari Persad.

Four applicants reside in Ward II, which generally includes the city's southeastern neighborhoods, south of East and West King streets and south of Green Hill Cemetery. The applicants are Edward Files of 627 State Circle, Laura Gassler of 510 S. Queen St., Jeffrey A. Marcum of 525 S. Raleigh St., and Arden McDonald Tryon of 517 Virginia Ave. The Ward II seat is held by Richard Yauger.

Two applicants reside in Ward III, which includes a portion of Foxcroft Avenue, neighborhoods north of King Street and west of the Winchester & Western Railroad line and annexed areas west of Interstate 81. The applicants are C. William Hayes of 1006 Candi Court and Rodney Woods of 906 Hillcrest Drive. The Ward III seat is held by Max Parkinson. The city council's other at-large councilman, Gregg Wachtel, resides in the same ward, according to voters registration records.

Five applicants reside in Ward IV, which includes a large portion of the downtown historic district north of King Street and east of the Winchester & Western Railroad. It also includes neighborhoods along Tuscarora Creek, east of the B&O Roundhouse complex and Irish Hill. The applicants are Charles Cohn of 208 E. Martin St., Charles Logan of 112 N. High St., Gary Manor of 361 Boyd Ave., Mazie M. Myers of 472 Teneno St., and Eric C. Roman of 229 Vicky Bullet St. The Ward IV seat is held by Roger Lewis.

Three applicants reside in Ward V, which generally includes northeastern neighborhoods of the city including areas along North Queen Street and neighborhoods generally north of Dailey and Liberty streets. The applicants are Eric Goff of 326 North Western Ave., Kevin Knowles of 125 Pennsylvania Ave., and Glenville Twigg of 110 N. Centre St. The Ward V seat is held by Betty Gunnoe.

Sweet 16

Sixteen city residents have submitted interest in filling an open at-large seat on the Martinsburg City Council. They are:

· Jason W. Baker

· Charles Cohn

· Edward Files

· Laura Gassler

· Eric Goff

· Joseph Frank Grimes

· C. William Hayes

· Kevin Knowles

· Charles Logan

· Gary Manor

· Jeffrey A. Marcum

· Mazie M. Myers

· Eric C. Roman

· Arden McDonald Tryon

· Glenville Twigg

· Rodney Woods

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