Small white dog reported found off Robinwood Drive

November 20, 2007

Found - Small white dog.

Where - The dog was found off Robinwood Road in the Rosewood Village area.

When - The dog was found Saturday.

Description - The male dog looks like a spaniel mix. It was wearing a black collar with jewels on it. The dog weighs about 30 pounds.

Phone number - If this is your dog, call 301-573-7061.

Gray and white cat found at Keener Rd. in Fountain Head

Found - Gray and white cat.

Where - The cat was found in the Fountain Head area near Keener Road and Rolling Road.

When - The cat was found a few days ago.

Description - The female cat has short hair. It was not wearing a collar and appears to be an indoor cat. It is described as very friendly.


Phone number - If this is your cat, call 301-733-9466.

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