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November 19, 2007

Last week's question:

Sunday, Nov. 11, was Veterans Day. If you are a veteran of one of the branches of the American armed forces, what was the best thing about your time in uniform?

· Learning that I wasn't the center of the universe.

· A big thank-you to every veteran! We should all take a moment (at least) each day to reflect on those brave fellow American citizens on duty in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Also, we should all do our part to make sure that our kids understand the struggle and sacrifice of our heroes from previous conflicts.


Ask your kids if they can name the three Axis powers from World War II. I'll bet more than half of the kids can't name them and that is a disgrace and insult to those who gave so much.

· Traveling to different states in this country and to different countries in the world was nice, but it wasn't free. Before you could travel, you had to join up for a number of years and sometimes you didn't want to go where the military wanted to send you.

· To the previous poster: You are right about the kids and it is called social promotion, grade inflation, and watered-down miseducation and it is not confined to this county, although WCPS does worse than most school systems. The kids can use their cell phones to talk or to text message while they are listening to their MP 3 players, talking to their passengers and driving their cars.

Self-esteem trumps real education all the time in this county and in a large part of this country. I blame the parents for failing to provide constructive criticism to the BOE and the county commissioners.

Even the armed forces have had to lower the enlistment standards, so now we will be protected by less than the best. I see nothing on the horizon that will break this downward spiral. So prepare for the worst - it's coming your way.

· The challenge of being part of the Maryland Air National Guard. I enlisted in 1984 as a PFC and retired as a LTC and commanded two different battalions in the 29th Division.

It was a great experience and I met a lot of great people along the way. I am not saying that this life is for everyone but, for me it was the right thing to do. I was 30 years old when I enlisted and 53 when I retired.

This week's question:

A recent survey done by the Washington County Commission on Aging indicated that many residents would like a senior center like those in other counties. If one were built, what sort of activities should it offer?

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