Some expense policy provisions

November 18, 2007

Following are some of the provisions of the expense policies for the Washington County Commissioners, the Washington County Board of Education and the Hagerstown City Council.

Washington County Commissioners

· Annual limit of $2,000 per commissioner.

· Mileage paid at federal reimbursement rate (at time of MACo, 48.5 cents per mile).

· Lodging must be "standard room at nonluxury hotel."

· Meals reimbursed at maximum of $65 per day.

· Alcohol cannot be listed as an expense.

· The policy requires employees to submit receipts for all expenses when possible.

· County employees are required to report their expenses within two weeks of the end of a trip.

· Hotel rooms should be "a standard room at a nonluxury hotel."


Washington County Board of Education

· Board members share $14,000 in expense money that is budgeted for the fiscal year.

· There is no specified limit for what can be spent on hotels, transportation, food, etc.

· Expenses must pass a "reasonableness" test.

· Each expense reported by a board member is reviewed by the board's president and by the director of the accounting office.

· All expenditures must be documented with detailed receipts.

City of Hagerstown

· Annual spending limits of $3,450 for the mayor and $4,000 for each member of the council.

· Each elected official is allowed to spend $50 per day for meals.

·The spending allotment includes meals, hotel accommodations and gas mileage.

· If one council member exceeds his or her limit, money can be transferred from another council member's account to cover the overage.

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