I'm tired of all the hoopla

November 15, 2007|By BIG SYDNEY

I've been quiet for too long. I finally must protest.

Football has become such a big sport, I can't understand why it doesn't have a season all to itself.

We start our year and there are still guys out there wearing funny pants, swinging sticks and running around in circles.

There are also guys wearing funny jumpsuits, shifting sticks and driving around in circles.

Then there are guys in funny knickers, swinging sticks and sliding back and forth on ice.

Can't football have some privacy?

And now, we have another intrusion to our season.

Basketball. I mean, please. Basketball?

How can anyone stop watching football because of basketball?

Basketball is such a wimpy sport compared to football.



· We both wear short pants - OK, football players' pants are more like capris - but at least football players are man enough to play outdoors.

· We run the ball, they can't move unless they bounce it.

· We pass our ball the manly way, with one hand. Basketball, they prefer two-handed passing.

· In basketball, you get a personal foul for touching a guy. At least in football, you get to rip his head off first.

· In basketball, a field goal is worth two points. It's three in football.

· A guard in basketball is a midget. In football, he's a huge person that you need a bus token to drive around.

· In basketball, a block is on the floor. In football, a block puts you on the floor.

And those are the good things about football.

Besides, how can you respect a sport where the players dribble?

On with the picks: Last week - 7-6 (.539); Overall - 154-49 (.759).



Allegany 41, Boonsboro 13


Fort Hill 38, Smithsburg 10

Berkeley Springs 34, Scott 27



Florida State 31, Maryland 21

Penn State 35, Michigan State 31

West Virginia 28, Cincinnati 10



Browns 20, Ravens 10

Steelers 23, Jets 7

Cowboys 38, Redskins 14

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