Antrim Township votes to abandon alley near State Line church

November 14, 2007|By ASHLEY HARTMAN

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - The Antrim Township Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to abandon an alley in State Line, Pa., that the pastor of a nearby church said is a safety hazard and hinders the church's ability to be handicapped accessible.

Mike Wentz, pastor of the Living Hope Community Church, testified during a hearing that the Edwin Street alley poses safety risks to those entering and leaving the church.

The church's main entrance opens right on to Edwin Street and there is a risk that people leaving or entering the church could be injured by oncoming traffic, Wentz said.

"I'd be curious to see how much that road is used," said supervisor Fred Young, III.

About six cars a day use the road, according to Angela Garland, Antrim Township zoning officer and public works inspector.

Wentz said another problem that the alley causes for the church is that a handicapped ramp cannot be put at the entrance because there is not enough space.


"It's too short of an area for a handicapped accessible (ramp)," Wentz said.

After briefly discussing the issue, the supervisors agreed that the alley should be abandoned as long as the church signs an agreement saying they would be responsible for the alley.

"The alley is in rough shape," Supervisor James Byers said.

The agreement must be filed in the Franklin County Clerk of Courts and then after 30 days, if no one appeals it, the abandonment of the alley will go into effect, Solicitor John Lisko said.

Out of the 11 people sworn in at the hearing, none of them opposed the abandonment of the alley.

When Wentz appeared before the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors in August, two residents had spoken against the abandonment, but they were not present Tuesday.

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