Library patrons urged to do online survey

November 14, 2007

Director Mary Baykan has announced that Washington County Free Library has partnered with the Maryland Department of Transportation to help establish a 20-year vision for the state's transportation system.

Patrons accessing the Internet through the library's computers will be encouraged to complete a brief online survey to help MDOT update its long-range transportation plan.

Called the Maryland Transportation Plan, this plan establishes a 20-year vision for transportation in Maryland and helps guide statewide improvements across all means of transportation, including highways, roads, tunnels, bridges, trains, buses, water ports, airports, bike paths and sidewalks.

MDOT updates the plan every five years to address current and future transportation challenges, needs and conditions. The plan provides policy direction through statewide multimodal goals and objectives.


"This partnership with the Washington County Free Library is a wonderful opportunity to engage people who might not otherwise give us their input on transportation planning," said Secretary Porcari. "What we hear from people will help us set the course for future statewide transportation decisions in Maryland."

MDOT is engaging libraries in partnerships across the state to gather public opinions to create a plan that reflects and responds to Maryland's residents, businesses, local governments and communities.

"Our library is an important link to the community and we are happy that MDOT is reaching out to our patrons and residents of Washington County who rely on Maryland's transportation system every day," said Baykan.

The online survey is also available through any Internet connection, 24-hours a day on MDOT's planning site at

MDOT is conducting extensive public outreach to engage citizens, agencies and interested organizations to help revise the long-range vision, goals and objectives of the plan.

If you would like more information about the plan, please contact Ron Spalding by e-mail at

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