Help for teachers in W.Va. just a few clicks away

November 14, 2007|By DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - State education officials on Tuesday launched a Web site that will give teachers across the state quick access to 21st century teaching approaches and offer them other resources like a blog and links to other useful sites.

State Superintendent of Schools Steve Paine launched the site in a Webinar meeting with all 55 county school systems Tuesday afternoon.

At the Jefferson County Board of Education office on Mordington Avenue, a group of educators listened to Paine speak from West Teays Elementary School in the southern part of the state as a screen showed how the site will work.

But shortly after the program started, there was technical difficulty.

A message saying "network congestion" popped up on the screen and Paine could not continue the demonstration.

"Uh oh," Paine said as the system locked up.

Paine later finished the program, and despite the glitch, Paine said he is confident about the gains being made in the state education system.


The Teach 21 Web site is an interactive site that can be used with large groups in an auditorium or by teachers in their homes, according to a news release from the West Virginia Department of Education.

Paine said the Web site is part of the effort to create 21st-century thinkers who will be problem solvers, innovators, effective communicators, self-directed learners and be students who are globally aware.

Susan Sowers, who was in attendance at the Jefferson County Board of Education office site, said she was impressed by the Web site at

There were all sorts of teaching strategies "out there" but the Web site brings it all together for teachers to easily access, said Sowers, coordinator for high schools at the central office.

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